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A wave of fatal air crashes has claimed the lives of area businesspeople this year. … Despite the Indiana crashes, federal data show flying is safer than ever.

Nationwide, the number of plane crashes dropped 35 percent and fatal crashes fell 32 percent from 1986 to 2005, according to the latest statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board.


Hundreds of small private jets will be exempt from a European scheme designed to make the aviation industry pay for the environmental damage it causes. …The scheme will be introduced for flights within the European Union in 2011 and be extended to all arrivals and departures at European airports the next year. But the commission added that very light private jets, small propeller-driven aircraft and government aircraft would not be included.

The announcement was welcomed by air taxi operators, who are investing heavily in small jets to meet rapidly growing demand for private flights. More than 300 small jets are to be delivered to European operators by 2011.


Two New Trends in Private Flying

VIP_JETS_WAYNES_PLANE_11-26-2006_MB8FPJN.jpgPrivate flying continues to draw interest as commercial travel becomes less convenient. Here are two new solutions for busness air travelers.

  1. Buy your own full-bodied jet. It used to be that wealthy jet setters used smaller, streamlined private jets. But new wealth-makers are becoming entranced with commercial sized jets that seat fewer people more luxuriously (see picture to the right).
  2. Charter an air-taxi that will actually wait for you at the airport. New companies like JetBird are springing up that guarantee you’ll get where you need to go even if you’re held up in traffic.

So kick your feet up — air travel continues to get better and better!

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High-Noon Visibility at Midnight with Synthetic Vision

What if your plane could sense the terrain below you even in murky weather or the dead of night, and you could see it plain as day on a view screen?

Sound too much like Star Trek? Guess again.

Aviation engineers are hard at work developing this new ability to see, reports the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Hilkevitch in Flying blind can’t happen with latest cockpit magic (posted on The article states:

Today, pilots must study their instruments and conjure up a mental picture of where they are and what the aircraft is doing based on the aeronautical map in the pilot’s lap and cockpit gauges showing airspeed, altitude, course heading and aircraft pitch and roll in relation to the horizon. Those mental calculations take time and talent, adding significantly to pilot workload.

Many accidents occur because the pilot, who should always be thinking about what’s coming next – it’s called "flying ahead of the plane" – fails to keep up with current demands.

With synthetic vision and enhanced vision, which uses infrared or millimeter wave technologies to improve low-vision situations, boosting pilots’ awareness of their surroundings is expected to help reduce the two leading causes of fatal aviation accidents – flying into terrain and loss of control during flight.

Read the article for more details about this new system in action.

New York to LA in Two Hours

NewSunset.jpgA new generation of supersonic private jets is upon us, as reported in Wired News’ New York to L.A. in Two Hours

These sleek new jets are aimed at business executives and diplomats. Known as QSST (Quiet Super Sonic Travel), the jets will fly at nearly twice the speed of conventional business jets and have a range of 4,600 miles nonstop — Los Angeles to New York in just over two hours.

Using modern computer-aided design software to model quieter "boom reshaping" techniques pioneered by military test fighters, Supersonic Aerospace Internation, LLC, hopes to use the smaller craft to fill a gap left by the collapse of the Concorde‘s service following a fatal 2003 crash in Paris.