Streamlined Boarding Plan for Passengers

800px-United_Airlines_aircraft_taking_off_at_Schiphol_Airport.jpg Airlines make their money by keeping passengers in the sky, not on the ground. In search of faster turnaround times between flights, US Airways and Arizona State University engineers have worked out a solution.

Passengers are generally boarded from the back rows forward. But middle and aisle seats interfere with other passengers. So by boarding a few rows at a time, from the window seats in, downtimes can be significantly reduced.

The new Airbus A380, however, will take five minutes longer to board than other planes. The difference is that the A380’s maximum capacity is much greater than any other plane.

So Wired News expects that as Airlines Try Smarter Boarding, passengers should expect a "21 percent decrease in departure delays." Airlines hope this streamlined boarding procedure will be more passenger-friendly and add one or two more flights per plane everyday.