Pilot Lands with Faulty Gear

A low pass confirms that the right landing gear is not locked forward. For the next hour and a half, Corey Fontenot circles above Killeen, Texas, while KWTX 10 news cameras watch from the ground. Corey does what any well-trained pilot would do, he sent his wife a text message to let her know he’d call when he left the airport. It’s that kind of composure and confidence that Fontenot, his student pilot, and everyone watching the six o’clock news hoped would bring this pilot back to safety.

Once the fuel had been burnt, it was time to bring the plane down. "Maintain control of the aircraft. Keep it on the centerline. Keep the weight off the bad gear for as long as possible. Maintain directional control" is how he describes this intense landing to channel 10 news. Cool, calm, and well-trained, that’s the only way to describe Fontenot’s demeanor, and that’s what turned this precarious landing into a non-event. "It was a pretty good feelin’ to have the solid ground underneath ya again" Fontenot told channel 10 in a TV interview.