Cradle of Aviation Needs Your Help

cradle.jpg "Long Island, NY is justly proud of its aviation heritage" says Aero-News Network. "It is the place from where Charles Lindbergh took off in the Spirit of St. Louis, and the Long Island-built lunar excursion module, Eagle, landed Neil Armstrong on the moon. Grumman Corporation (called the ‘iron works’ because of their rugged heavy-duty designs) built well-loved fighters for the Navy from the Wildcat to the Tomcat. So it seemed perfectly reasonable to open a full-sized flight museum called the Cradle of Aviation."

In development for 33 yeras, the museum has been in operation since 2002. It is now considered by many aviation enthusiasts to be one of the finest aviation museums in the nation.

However, visits to the museum have not been what they hoped, and financing is now a problem. But local politician Thomas Suozzi has taken on the case. He’s looking for 10 donors to serve on the museum board and contribute a hundred-thousand dollars each, and for other "super donors "that wouldn’t serve, but would contribute another million combined. Hes already lined up five board members, two of whom have agreed to donate their hundred thousand immediately to keep the museum’s doors open in the short term.

For more information, visit the Cradle of Aviation Website.