The Mini-Jet Arrives in a Big Way

For a tour of the new wave of mini-jets, read The Wall Street Journal‘s Scott McCartney most recent column (reprinted on Moneyweb).

McCartney reviews, in detail, the Cessna Mustang, the Adam A700 and the Eclipse 500. You’ll get a sense of the handling of each jet along with their many features.

This new of less-expensive "Very Light Jets," McCartney says, "will make private-jet flying available to many more people, from business travelers and weekend escapists to private pilots who want something faster and jazzier than their propeller planes."

"VLJs won’t revolutionize air travel, but they will create new options for travelers. They are no substitute for airlines — moving people two at a time likely won’t eat much into traffic aboard big Boeings or, for that matter, 50-seat regional jets that have boomed in recent years. And they won’t replace Gulfstreams and Learjets for big companies — they often need the range and size of those corporate jets.

"But VLJs could eat into the fractional jet business, where wealthy people buy a piece of a corporate jet and get to use it for a set number of hours per year."