Two New Trends in Private Flying

VIP_JETS_WAYNES_PLANE_11-26-2006_MB8FPJN.jpgPrivate flying continues to draw interest as commercial travel becomes less convenient. Here are two new solutions for busness air travelers.

  1. Buy your own full-bodied jet. It used to be that wealthy jet setters used smaller, streamlined private jets. But new wealth-makers are becoming entranced with commercial sized jets that seat fewer people more luxuriously (see picture to the right).
  2. Charter an air-taxi that will actually wait for you at the airport. New companies like JetBird are springing up that guarantee you’ll get where you need to go even if you’re held up in traffic.

So kick your feet up — air travel continues to get better and better!

3G Communications on the Verge

"3Way Networks and TriaGnoSys say that they are to launch the first 3G inflight passenger communications service for the Business Jet market" reports "The hassle factor of flying on commercial aircraft is resulting in record growth in the Business Jet market in Europe and North America and a corresponding growth in demand for inflight connectivity capabilities on those aircraft, according to TriaGnoSys, a provider of remote communications using satellite technology."

"3G" refers to the "third generation" of wireless communication. 1G, which held sway in the 1980s, included analog voice signaling, and was found in the early radio phone network. 2G upgraded to digital voice encoding. Now, the third generation will include the full range of communications, including

  • Enhanced multimedia (voice, data, video, and remote control).

  • Usability on all popular modes (cellular telephone, e-mail, paging, fax, videoconferencing, and Web browsing).

  • Broad bandwidth and high speed (upwards of 2 Mbps).

  • Roaming capability throughout Europe, Japan, and North America.

The inflight passenger communications services being developed meet the specific needs of the business jet market including the growing microjet market: the equipment is lightweight, weighing less than 4 Kg; it is compact, has low power consumption and is easy to install and maintain.