MV-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor

It’s 20 years of aeronautical engineering that makes the Osprey tilt rotor fly farther and faster than any helicopter into places where airplanes cannot go. It takes off like a helicopter and then flies like an airplane. The MV-22 is the first tilt rotor aircraft ever and costs 71 million dollars. The Osprey will enter military service in 2007 at speeds of 275 mph for 500 miles with one refueling.

In fact, the Osprey has been commissioned to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron-263. General Michael W. Hagee, 33rd commandant of the Marine Corps said "it will change the way we fight; it’s faster, larger, air refuelable and the technology is state-of-the-art," and "it’s the safest aircraft in our inventory."