Private Jets in the News

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A wave of fatal air crashes has claimed the lives of area businesspeople this year. … Despite the Indiana crashes, federal data show flying is safer than ever.

Nationwide, the number of plane crashes dropped 35 percent and fatal crashes fell 32 percent from 1986 to 2005, according to the latest statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board.


Hundreds of small private jets will be exempt from a European scheme designed to make the aviation industry pay for the environmental damage it causes. …The scheme will be introduced for flights within the European Union in 2011 and be extended to all arrivals and departures at European airports the next year. But the commission added that very light private jets, small propeller-driven aircraft and government aircraft would not be included.

The announcement was welcomed by air taxi operators, who are investing heavily in small jets to meet rapidly growing demand for private flights. More than 300 small jets are to be delivered to European operators by 2011.