Fighting for civilian airspace

North Carolina’s Pope Air Force Base wants to expand the MOA thereby reducing the size of civilian airspace in the area.  AOPA opposes the plan:

"This proposal would affect the use of three GA airports and a major airway, V136 between Fayetteville and Myrtle Beach," said Heidi Williams, AOPA director of air traffic services. "While the Air Force plan includes measures to make the airspace available when needed for civilian IFR operations, on the whole we think the justification for taking this airspace is weak."

On the other side of the country advocates of civilian airspace are claiming a temporary victory with the shrinking of the TFR along the US-Mexico border.  The area is heavily trafficked by UAVs, and insecurities about the UAVs’ ability to “sense and avoid” other aircraft have prompted the government to exclude civilians from the airspace.

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