London Heathrow Tests New A380 Superjumbo Jet

The Airbus A380 passenger jet test lands on Heathrow’s "specially-widened taxiways" and into a triple-decker hangar designed to house up to four of these airplanes. CNN International covered the story: "The double-decker plane had flown directly from Berlin, but made detour fly-pasts over the UK factories that helped in its design and construction."

The Airbus Superjumbo Makes UK Debut, but not without some commercial concerns. Will spikes in gasoline prices ground this superjet before it takes to the skies? That’s a question Airbus is no doubt concerned with. But airports considering facilitating this plane will have to make costly preparations in widened runways, ample lounges and bagging claims for the increased passenger and cargo loads. It’s an amazing plane, but it’s an expensive one.