LORD: (Not So) Shockingly Grand


LORD Corporation’s logo and slogan

What’s an e-commerce site but a place that sells products? That’s essentially what it all boils down to, right? Or so it would seem.

With a large inventory a site is bound to offer several brands. And we do. Over 500 brands and manufacturers form the basis of what we provide our customers.

One such manufacturer is LORD.

LORD Corporation started in the 1920s in Erie, Pennsylvania. Hugh Lord, the founder, sought a way to reduce automobile noise pollution outside his workplace. And the rest is history.

With over 90 years of experience, LORD continues to be a solver of problems. The company has grown and developed its operations, both geographically and industrially.

“Ask Us How.” That is the company slogan. We asked (in the form of an online search about their company). Their answer – a corporate video explaining LORD’s scope:

As you see in the video, their innovative ideas cater to the aviation industry. “Flight critical components keep air passengers comfortable by reducing noise and vibration throughout the flight.”

In particular, their engine mounts are excellent at ensuring vibration does not shock and eventually compromise onboard systems. The end result is enhanced durability and control, two factors you want to possess while piloting an aircraft (or really any vehicle).

There were several phrases one can hear in that video: “Transform innovative ideas into long-term value”; “…materials for demanding applications in a wide variety of industries”; “…[allows] passengers to ride safely and in comfort.” With such an emphasis on innovation, collaboration, service and reliable performance, you can see why LORD is a part of the SkyGeek virtual catalog.

Perhaps the best way to sum up the culture, core value, and overall character of LORD is in this statement: “LORD was not founded to sell a product but rather to solve a problem.” With that said, is it really surprising why they have been so successful for almost  a century?

Yeah, we sell products but by proxy and by selling LORD we too seek to serve and solve the problems of our ever growing customer base.

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