Fathers In The Sky

Father’s Day is a time to give thanks to those men in our lives that have influenced us during our formative years. It’s more than giving a gift, a mug and a hug.

Fathers have guided and inspired countless children to strive to achieve something better for themselves and their families. They often set the tone and are examples to those around them. Like men in general, fathers are often leaders.

But above all they are workers. A man is still very much defined by his career and profession. And it is his work that reveals his character and how others perceive him.

“Who is your dad? What does he do?” The questions are often paired together because they are in some ways synonymous.

Fathers can be anything and can perform any function in society. Police officer. Professional athlete. Firefighter. Lawyer. Doctor. Plumber. Society needs them.


Possible gift for a pilot father via Etsy

Families need them as well. Active in body and mind, fathers can show how to get it done and in doing so serve as a model for which their children can look up to both literally and figuratively.

And yes, some fathers are even pilots.

There is a definite appeal to being a pilot. Like their uniform or style (sunglasses and bomber jackets, anyone?) they represent this commanding presence of respect and authority. Sort of like a father would in a home.

There is a certain level of trust a pilot conveys, a sense that he knows what he is doing. “Don’t worry, we’re safe and secure,” one tends to think when seeing a pilot. Just as a father can appeal to impressionable sons and daughters as a person that can provide relief during tough times, there is no denying the appeal to wanting to be a pilot.

But fathers don’t have to be all serious. They can provide relief of another kind – comic relief. And so can those inspired by them.

Kids say the darnedest things? You bet.

In celebration of Father’s Day I found this hilarious quote that is sure to delight dads and aviators alike. This quote was taken from a really witty and cool site called, SkyGod (perhaps a relative of SkyGeek). Apparently this quote was written by a fifth grader. Gotta love the candor and innocence.

As a salute to all those father pilots out there, enjoy:

When I grow up I want to be a pilot because it’s a fun job and easy to do. That’s why there are so many pilots flying around these days.

Pilots don’t need much school. They just have to learn to read numbers so they can read their instruments.

I guess they should be able to read a road map, too.

Pilots should be brave [so] they won’t get scared [if] it’s foggy and they can’t see, or if a wing or motor falls off.

Pilots have to have good eyes to see through the clouds, and they can’t be afraid of thunder or lightning because they are much closer to them than we are.

The salary pilots make is another thing I like. They make more money than they know what to do with. This is because most people think that flying a plane is dangerous, except pilots don’t because they know how easy it is.

I hope I don’t get airsick because I get carsick and if I get airsick, I couldn’t be a pilot and then I would have to go to work.

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