Famous Female Flyers

Mother’s Day is coming up….Yup. Or has it already passed? Time flies it seems…

They say behind every great pilot is a great woman. Well, what if that great woman IS the pilot?

History tends to favor the accomplishments of men (With a term like HIS-story is it any wonder?). You often hear about “Founding Fathers” but what about “Founding Females?”

At first, I wanted to compile a comprehensive list of famous female aviators that have not only inspired countless women but also shaped the world of aviation.

Apparently, I am not even remotely close to being the first to do so. Many lists on many sites exist, all of which display quite beautifully the accomplishments of these incredibly influential women. What would be the point of adding another list?

Rather than create a composite of these lists, why not simply direct your attention to the sources themselves? And that’s what follows. After all, who has time to make another list; we are too busy hugging our moms.

LISTS (Accompanied by commentary)

***Mother Nature Network compiled a list of Fabulous Flying Women consisting of eight aviator greats such as Bessica Raiche, Jacqueline Cochran, and of course Amelia Earhart.

***Women in Aviation, International awhile back wrote a detailed article that mentions the 100 most influential women in the aviation and aerospace industry. Be warned: for those that can’t read without pictures, this article is text-heavy.

***About.com provides a nice timeline of Women in Aviation. Really a quick overview but a great primer. Could probably be used as a source in a paper for students doing research on the topic.

***The site Listverse (how appropriate given its function in our post) published an article naming the Top 10 Pioneering Women of Aviation. It contains more of an international selection and contains lesser known women like Amy Johnson and Sabiha Gokcen.

***The Smithsonian (as you all know one of if not the most famous national museum) created a list entitled Flying With America’s Most Famous Female Aviators complete with a gallery of 13 women pilots. This list includes greats like Bessie Coleman (the first African American female pilot); Mary Riddle (the first Native American woman to earn a pilot’s license); and Patty Wagstaff, who was the first woman to win the U.S. National Aerobatic Championship and uses her skills to perform stunts in movies and television.

In relation, the website for the Smithonsian National Air and Space Museum contains an excellent page on Women in Aviation and Space History. What’s great about this link is that it contains columns of images of these famous female flyers in tile form. Click on the tile and you are transported to a mini-bio of that particular aviatrix. Wonderful layout to match the equally wonderful content.


So there’s a list of lists for you. Hopefully by investigating the lists yourself you will realize that womankind’s contributions to aviation has and will continue to soar to new heights, shattering glass ceilings and stereotypes along the way. What parent wouldn’t be beaming with pride?

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