Michelin Aviation Tires: A Proven Track Record

While blazing across the sky it is sometimes easy to forget that tires are an integral part of an aircraft. Flight is a precursor to landing and vice versa. Are your tires up to the task of touching down on the tarmac without popping like peeps in a microwave?

SkyGeek has an extensive line of undercarriage products, especially aviation tires. And while there are plenty of great brand names, this post shines the spotlight on Michelin.

Sure we could go into a long exposition of what makes Michelin an outstanding choice when it comes to performance and reliability (How about a long Highlighted History dating back to 1889?), but why do that when a Youtube video can do it with fancy visual fireworks and inspirational music:

In less than 100 words, this clip explains the true might of Michelin. The main message book-ended in the video is that Michelin “helps your business fly” and provides “peace of mind.”

The entire video is a true testament to this claim. For over a century they have acted as pioneers in the aviation industry. Short, medium or long range – their inventory of tires addresses your needs. And it does so by offering several benefits: FOD resistance, fuel savings, less maintenance costs, and eco-friendly technology.

Speaking of technology, Michelin has developed NZG (net zero growth) radial tires that not only reduce cuts and abrasions but these tires possess considerable weight savings as well. This is just one instance where technical expertise and quality manufacturing go hand-in-hand (or should we say, wheel-to-tire?).

And through their numerous partnerships and dedicated experts, they have demonstrated a proven track record of innovation and leadership . Why else would Michelin products be found on space shuttles, commercial aircraft, general aviation, and military vehicles across the globe?

Don’t worry about the rubber. You won’t have to when you choose Michelin.

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