Clearing Your Web Browser Cache

Knowing whether to clear a cache or not from your web browser is something that is up to a user’s personal preferences. Before you know what that preference is, it would first help to define a cache.

Perhaps you have heard this phrase but are not so tech savvy. A cache can refer to many things, from geography to a collection of belongings. But many times it refers to computers. There are many types of computer caches including CPU and page caches (How Stuff Works’cache article does a great job of explaining a cache’s purpose). Because this post pertains to the SkyGeek website, though, this topic revolves around a web cache.

A web cache is a means of temporarily storing web documents and data so that your computer’s performance is increased. In other words, having a web cache of frequently visited sites reduces the time a web page takes to load. This leads to a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Thus, convenience is something caching can provide.

SkyGeek understands that routine maintenance of your computer involves deleting old web pages for the sake of freeing up disk space, which would involve clearing the cache of your web browser. You can learn how to do so by visiting our Help Center, (or you can simply continue reading).

Unfortunately, not all web browsers are the same and so you cannot perform this function with a “one-size-fits-all” method. Different operating systems have different methods of clearing web cache.

Fortunately, there’s a way to find out. In order to clear your cache, use this WikiHow Guide, which does an excellent job of not only explaining a cache’s importance, but provides a step-by-step process (conveniently accompanied by screenshots) using various web browsers.

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