What is RoHS?

Pop quiz: What is RoHS? Anyone? Anyone?

Not knowing can leave you zapped of intellectual self-esteem.


An example of RoHS found on a SkyGeek product page. Sometimes it is found in a chart, sometimes in a bulleted list. Either way, the information should be there.

As spring approaches, more natural light awaits. But your aircraft will always need lamps and bulbs. Hey, regulations are regulations.

RoHS is one of what seems like a billion acronyms associated with aviation. It stands for “Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances.” It’s a directive. Anyone in the military should know about directives. An average Joe should understand that directives are set(s) of instructions handed out by an authority. If you have a boss, then you know the basic directive: Do your work as best as you can.

This directive, however, relates to the dangers of certain hazardous substances. Wait, “hazardous?” Oh boy, ANOTHER article about hazmat? No, not really.

Rather than include these substances, a product with a “RoHS: Yes” does NOT include a list of items. A common misconception is that this only refers to being lead-free. However there are other substances that are excluded from the manufacture of a product when in accordance to RoHS.

A representative from 3M’s European branch of operations succinctly explains what RoHS means:

Basically the 3M representative runs through the RoHS Compliance Defintion (he seems to be reading off a cue card).

So next time you are searching for light bulbs or electronic equipment and you come across a product that is RoHS compliant, just know that it is safer than in years and decades past.

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