A Charitable Lighthouse

Researching manufacturers and the brands and products they offer is just part of normal operations at SkyGeek. But every once in a while we come across a company that deserves a little more attention.


Lighthouse for the Blind’s logo. A true vision of charity.

Lighthouse for the Blind (LBH Industries) is one such company.

LHB specializes in producing things such as liquid and office cleaners, repellents, medical products and more. They also manufacture paintings and coatings, such as ECO Sure and So Sure. In examining our Skilcraft line of enamels we found it is a brand that belongs to LBH.

What sets LBH apart from many manufacturers is their business is driven by helping the disabled. The company’s mission is simply this: “To assist individuals who are legally blind maintain dignity and independence by making available employment, education and support services.”

In other words, they are—in a sense—a charity-driven business. That’s just plain cool.

LBH is located in St. Louis and, based on their willingness to create a sustainable quality of life for the blind, they definitely live up to being located in the Heartland. It tugs at the heartstrings to see opportunity provided to those often overlooked in the workforce.

Their corporate video explains perfectly who they are and what they stand for:

As the video says, they produce for many private industries as well as for the government. But it’s their public service particularly to the blind that serves as an exemplar. Low absenteeism and little turnover? That kind of a workforce would benefit any economy.

I am rather impressed by the extent to which the company’s outreach programs support their local community. It’s not as common to find this kind of altruistic behavior in business as one would think. Sure many businesses give to charity. But somehow this goes beyond a simple donation: employing those that may otherwise be ostracized or denied the chance to be productive members of society is to be commended. And their extensive outreach programs only prove the commitment to their overall mission.

Lighthouse for the Blind, SkyGeek takes off its propeller hat and salutes you. Keep shining that beacon of hope for those less fortunate.

In the meantime, this writer is so impressed that he will be sending a donation. Is that something you, the reader, would like to do as well? If you can see the sense in being charitable, go ahead, Make A Donation.

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