Product Page Breakdown: What is a Manufacturer’s Certification?


The location of the Manufacturer’s Certification on one of our site’s product pages.

Our site is riddled with curiosities for the average customer. Not all information pertains to each and every shopper. Nonetheless, it is important to cover all bases so we can ensure those that need certain details, get it.

On each product page you will find a checkbox below the price of the product. This allows for an optional manufacturer’s certification to be attached to a customer’s order of said product.

A common question asked is, “Do I need a manufacturer’s certification with my order?” For many customers the answer is, “No.” That is why it is optional.

On the right of the Manufacturer’s Certification check box is a question mark surrounded by a blue square. Hover over the question mark with your cursor and a message will appear that reads: “Many of our government and institutional customers request a manufacturer’s certification for their records. If you “check” the appropriate box to the left, SkyGeek will ensure that you receive this certification with your order. If you are questioning whether you require this or not, it is likely that you don’t need it!”

So what is a manufacturer’s certification? It’s pretty self-explanatory: this certificate is a signed statement by a manufacturer that verifies that a product has indeed been produced by the manufacturer in question.

Blog-manu-cert-question mark

Hover over the blue-squared question mark button and this message will appear.

Requesting one secures quality assurance. How? By having a manufacturer’s certificate in your possession, a customer is promised that the item they receive is not counterfeit. Another advantage is that the cert provides traceability or a link between SkyGeek and the manufacturer and the customer. This is great for record-keeping and is especially useful for companies. Accounting departments need to document all the expenditures that a company makes, whether it is in helping with tax filings and/or for budgeting purposes. So, essentially, an individual generally can ignore this aspect of the product page, unless of course he/she feels secure in having that kind of record if ever a situation of a product’s authenticity arises. But, for the most part, companies, organizations, and government agencies rely on this feature on our site.

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