SkyGeek Goes Hollywood? Propeller Hats Featured in the New Movie “The Internship”

They love us! They REALLY love us!


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When it came time to get the right gear for Regency’s new movie “The Internship,” rumor has it the studio turned to SkyGeek for help. The movie employs the comedic talents of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (of “Wedding Crashers” fame). Both play middle-aged salesmen whose jobs are lost due to the rise of a younger workforce more in tune with the digital world. In an effort to show they are still able to compete with tech savvy youngsters, they sweet talk their way (they are salesmen after all) into getting a much desired internship at Google.

Most are familiar with Google’s logo and corresponding colors—letters with alternating red, blue, yellow and green. Even their browser, Chrome, is a round ball with the same hues. Since we sell the almighty geekified and immensely popular SkyGeek Propeller Hat you could say this item was destined for stardom. Check out the :34 mark and 2:00 mark from the following clip to see its film debut:

“That could be from any other place,” some skeptics might say. Well, a few months back we got a bulk purchase for over 100 propeller hats from a particular marketing firm. Coincidence? For reasons of customer confidentiality we can’t reveal the name of the company we sold the hats to but, needless to say, SkyGeek has now officially gone Hollywood!

As you can see in the trailer, costume designers modified the hats with the word “Noogler,” inscribed on the front, a name for new employees or interns at Google. If the film does well, we’d like to think our contributions played a role. Hey Regency, how about a mention in the ending credits? Or, at the very least, can you make a passing reference to us during the commentary on the film’s DVD once it is released?

“The Internship” is set to open in theaters June 7th and is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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