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When you run an e-commerce site, one of the major, unavoidable issues is shipping. It’s always the shipping. You can reduce the prices of the items you sell and make the navigation of the site the most user-friendly in the World Wide Web and it won’t be enough. At the end of the day, if a customer adds a list of items to cart and is about to check out and then sees high shipping costs, you know what happens? Transaction terminated.

If the costs don’t kill you, the time it takes to get delivered will. A SkyGeek is a geek and we love science fiction, but until NASA develops some form of Star Trekesque transport beam technology that gets your packages instantly sent to your door, we will just have to find more practical means of streamlining the purchase-to-destination timeline.

We searched the courier community and believe we have found a great shipping method that will work wonders from here on out: FedEx SmartPost.


Illustration of how FedEx SmartPost works. Source: FedEx website. (Click to enlarge)

What is FedEx SmartPost and how does it work? Please focus your attention on the accompanying illustration. As you can see, from Shipper (SkyGeek) to Residence (customer) the process has eliminated some facilities and the amount of hands that touch your precious package. This is referred to as “zone skipping.” Words like highly efficient and cost-effective are used to describe this method and that is why we are using it, i.e. to pass these benefits onto those who do business with us.

Once sorted at a FedEX SmartPost hub, FedEx Ground shipping network takes over and is then deployed to your local post office. Finally USPS sends it to the recipient. You can still track the package using FedEx and your local post office. Plain and simple, right?

Time, experience, and feedback have shown that FedEx is the highest ranked carrier in terms of our customers’ preferences. We figured adding another option to our shipping methods was best for both the company and for the customer. SkyGeek is making every effort to keep our shipping costs as low as possible and our continued dealings with FedEx are working towards obtaining that goal.

Shipping costs are almost always changing and we try to make sure they do not negatively affect our customers. We understand that cost, convenience, fast delivery, and reliability are all factors that determine the best shipping method available. Unfortunately, there is no universal method that pleases everyone all the time. Otherwise we would be using it. Rest assured, we are making every effort to drive down the shipping costs.

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