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Ah, to be young again.


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Ever been around a child who is just a ball of energy? A kid who has eyes so big, you could confuse them with planets in our solar system? I’ve seen such a child. Especially every time I look into a mirror.

As you get older, you realize people constantly force you into doing things. They tell you to “grow up.” You have to get serious with your life. Don’t waste your time on such foolish and whimsical notions as “having fun.”

What happens? You get a job, possibly begin a business. And your entire life becomes consumed by it. Your daily routine varies little. It’s always a different day, same old stuff. No longer is your life about discovery and the joy it brings, it’s about following a set of procedures: lists, scheduled meetings, conference calls, endless emails—all for the sake of keeping your business afloat. Eventually time flies and you’re left with grey hair (that is if you haven’t lost it completely). You also have a new hobby; a dependency on Maalox and prescription drugs.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Hi, my name is Skylar and I am a geek. A SkyGeek to be more precise. I help run this site, a site that revolves around aviation supplies. As our motto reveals, we aim to “Supply the Skies.” While certainly our focus is selling customers tools and parts related to aviation, we also sell more.

In fact, we have a portion of inventory dedicated to gifts and toys. One of the manufacturers we do business with is WowToyz. I figured highlighting the items we sell from them might allow you to tap into your inner child.


“My Totally Awesome Travel Fun Book” – This book helps educate kids about planning trips. They will read about certain customs and manners to keep in mind while travelling. With a travel diary included as well as games to play, it certainly lives up to the name ‘fun book.’ Plus, I love the title: totally awesome!

“The Wright Brothers Coloring Book”– Come on, you can’t have a proper childhood without a coloring book. This particular book comes with a pack of crayons so children can learn about the founders of flight while delightfully doodling to their heart’s content. Brings new meaning to the term “flying colors.”


This item is for all those growing gearheads and would-be engineers. If you love Legos but always felt limited by their pieces, Builderific is where it’s at. The pieces (118 per package) are not stiff but flexible. The benefit of this is clear: your designs are not limited to straight lines but can incorporate curves. This translates to more possibilities that will maximize junior’s imagination.

Space Shuttle Playsets

We tell our kids to reach for the stars (or at least shoot for them). Maybe with enough hard work they may someday work for NASA. Plant the seed of their future career by handing them one of four aerospace playsets. The 4-piece Space Shuttle playset is cool because not only is it fun to simulate rocket launches but the packaging comes with a blister card containing space exploration information. The Giant Space Shuttle playset adds to the above playset by featuring two astronauts and a launch pad; as a bonus it comes with a rocket poster. The 5-piece Space Shuttle playset adds satellite equipment in addition to the space shuttle, astronaut and rocket play pieces. As for the ultimate in space-themed toys the 20-piece playset has six astronauts, a “Saturn” rocket with a trailer truck, a lunar lander, moon rover, and more. When it comes to these items you’ll be thinking one thing: Space, the final fun-tier!


An inexpensive yet immensely satisfying type of toy is the glider. WowToyz InAir® brand offers two popular choices. The Air Force One foam board glider is great if your child wishes to be the next President of the United States. The Giant Sky Rover foam board plane gives you the option of flying a mono or a biplane configuration; it also contains a nifty propeller (sort of like the SkyGeek hats…trust me, propellers can offer hours of entertainment).

But if you want to fly high and be super cool you can’t go wrong with the F-16C USAF Thunderbird foam board glider. This is the type of plane you think of when you want to wave Old Glory with pride and showcase your patriotism. Let it soar on veteran holidays or the Fourth of July and make Uncle Sam proud.

Fun Times

I can’t help but emphasize that all these items are under $25 and most of them are under $10. Try to go to any brick-and-mortar store and try to spend less than that. Personally, I like the fact that WowToyz sells to specialty retailers instead of big box stores. It lets them focus on quality rather than on massive output of hastily manufactured products. I think that approach has worked out well. How else do you explain the awards they’ve received for many of their toys.

Over the years, I have traveled many places and been to many exotic locales. Of course, most of them were imaginary but they were important in developing my sense of creativity. Toys may be seen as the financial equivalent of kicking yourself in the butt. It has also been equated with flushing your precious hard earned income down the toilet. “Why do I need to buy a dumb piece of plastic that we’re just going to throw out in a year?” some parents reason. If these same parents only knew what toys meant to kids and how they help cultivate a sense of ingenuity then they would know that toys are anything but a waste. In fact studies have shown that playing is useful in the healthy development of children.

A child is only young once. Relive the memories from your youth by creating memories for them. Perhaps you can even participate in the child’s play. Forever young in the form of fun brought to you by WowToyz.

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