SkyGeek and Sky-Tec: A Good Fit

Without an engine, you’re grounded. Without a starter, your engine is next to useless—unless you want a really heavy paperweight.

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Ladies and geeks, start your engines…with Sky-Tec

Speaking of weight, when considering what starter to choose for your aircraft’s engine, you want something lightweight yet powerful enough to get you going all the way to your destination. Ultimately, you can’t begin your journey without a starter. The people at Sky-Tec seem to be on board with this sentiment.

In aviation you don’t want to carry anything that helps gravity out. You also don’t want to make your power source work harder than it has to in order to compensate for unnecessary weight, especially when that weight comes from the power source itself. Sky-Tec aims to apply the idea of “FlyweightTM” to engine starters and we’re eager to promote such ingenuity.

As a company consisting of everyday, regular, self-described “plane folk,” Sky-Tec cares about what they make by making it their business to know starters inside and out. SkyGeek is proud to partner up with them so that pilots around the country and around the globe, whether it’s for business or for pleasure, can begin taking flight without worrying about frequent maintenance, warranty issues, and/or an affordable replacement of their aircraft’s starter.

When deciding to team up with Sky-Tec, SkyGeek wanted to make sure their products were of a superior quality. After all, if we want to continue to provide our customers with excellent service and support we need to sell them products that are reputable and reliable and are in demand because of their quality. Based on our research, Sky-Tec has not only matched that expectation, but we have found that their people (real people, not automated messages) strive to exceed said expectations. Sky-Tec starters are used exclusively by all new aircraft manufacturers world-wide. Their starters continue to be the number one selling aftermarket replacement starter world-wide as well. In a word: Impressive.

You may be asking yourself, “Why all the praise?” SkyGeek sells thousands of Lycoming and Continental engine-related parts so naturally Sky-Tec starters fit in just nicely. Here’s a little breakdown of the key advantages these starters offer and why we’re so energized to sell them.

Feeds and Speeds

What do you get when you join sound engineering with technology that allows for the integration of lightweight materials? Answer: starters offering faster starts. Faster spinning ensures the quickest possible start and minimizes electrical system stress and mechanical wear. In addition, low current draw and highly efficient motor designs not only make for prompt starts, but minimum wear on airframe and engine components as well. What more could you ask for?

Higher Torque

Certainly if you were given the option between low or high, you would choose high torque. More torque gives you better rotational force that generates the juice you need in less time.  Through selective gear reduction methods, Sky-Tec starters are engineered to provide optimum starting torque, optimum cranking speed, and thus the most reliable start. Better efficiency and optimized designs, once again, yield better starts for the life of your engine—and beyond.

Rugged, Tough and Durable


Rough, tough, and hard to bluff on the HT starter’s durability.

Affordability (See below) of aircraft parts is what we all desire but not if it comes at the cost of quality and value. Sky-Tec doesn’t believe these factors are mutually exclusive. By considering total cost of ownership as a major issue, Sky-Tec’s engineers design starters with durability as their defining feature. For instance, the FlyweightTM LS/PM series starters are designed for minimum cost while still offering reliability that exceeds engine TBO. Tough, rugged construction highlights the HT series but weighs just half a pound more than the FlyweightsTM. And the NL’s unmatched efficiency and cranking torque cost even less with half a pound sacrificed to provide the industry’s best reliability. These features are exactly what you want in parts that are so critical to engine performance. Remember, durability stretches the dollar by nearly eliminating costs associated with maintenance and repair.


And speaking of costs…Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, Sky-Tec’s full line of Lycoming and Continental starters is little more expensive and in some cases less expensive than heavier, older competitive designs that often ship with 25 or 50 hour maintenance requirements. Sky-Tec starters require zero maintenance and are fully supported by a 2-year factory warranty. Those same “plane folks” we spoke of are always available to help you with warranty, troubleshooting, and very affordable factory rebuilding services at costs comparable or in many cases less than rebuilding an old heavyweight starter.


The NL starter: Popular and dependable.

Kickback Protection System

Many Sky-Tec starters now contain the exclusive Kickback Protection SystemTM (KPS), including the company’s #1 seller, the NL series, as well as HT and ST2-series starters. The KPSTM addresses the issue of kickback, i.e. when premature ignition misfire occurs. This system reduces damage to the starter and ring gear either by using a shear pin (NL-series starters) or self-resetting overtorque clutch (HT-series and ST2-series). Once again, Sky-Tec’s engineers have built in a safety feature that promises to maximize the life of your starter and the cash or credit in your wallet.

Lightweight Design and Construction

We realize we’ve mentioned this before but it cannot be emphasized enough: Sky-Tec engineers have designed lightweight starters that cannot be beaten. Evidence of this fact? Sky-Tec recently announced the lightest weight Lycoming starter available in the industry in 2013—the ultra lightweight XLT. Competitors may often lean on outmoded mechanical centrifugal devices; however, Sky-Tec engineers implement simple, affordable technology. This is proven in one crucial way. While inefficient Bendix drives are still in use by some manufacturers, Sky-Tec uses only lighter weight and more reliable electro-mechanical engagement drives. Customers can rejoice because simple, affordable technologies translate to affordable end products.Those that exemplify lightweight design without compromising power can be found not only in the newly announced XLT series Lycoming starters but also in Sky-Tec’s full line of top selling FlyweightTM LS & PM series starters—all available from SkyGeek.


The Flyweight™ LS starter. Not quite light as a feather but the closest thing to it on the market.

Combine SkyGeek’s expedient shipping and desire to maintain customer satisfaction on every transaction with Sky-Tec starters and you can see that just as a starter and engine work together, SkyGeek and Sky-Tec make a good fit.

Find our entire stock of Sky-Tec products here.

We want our customers to get what they want so let us know how we are doing. Strike up the conversation in the comments section and be sure to review the products you buy.

As always, keep your eyes skyward.

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