Monster Idea from SkyGeek!

Let’s kick things off in 2010 with an idea that will make a “must do” pilot chore a lot easier for you.

As of 10 seconds ago, we like to call this idea “the three headed monster of joy, stress relief and other a-typical monster characteristics”.

This monster idea is to offer you the ability to have all of your aviation charts and maps automatically delivered to your door whenever an update is required.

No more stress about flying with expired charts

No more hassle figuring out / remembering when you need an update

No more time wasted buying and waiting to fly

If you plan on flying in 2010, you’re going to need up to date aviation charts throughout. Why not make things a whole lot easier on yourself and take care of it with 100% automation.

For all those who are going to be interested, there’s a couple ways to sign up.

Option 1: Call 1-888-SkyGeek

Option 2: Shop online using the instructions below.

  1. Head on over to the SkyGeek Chart Section and load up your shopping cart with the items you wish to place on subscription.
  2. Choose the edition you would like by using the drop-down menu and choosing either "Buy Subscription Starting Current" or "Buy Subscription Starting Next"
  3. If you also would like to purchase other items from our site, go ahead and do so on the same order otherwise head straight to the checkout procedure
  4. There is no charge for this service and no advanced payment is required. (However, you must use Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover. Sorry NO PAYPAL)
  5. You pay only the price of the charts plus the flat rate shipping charges ( USPS 1st Class=FREE up to .78 Oz. weight, FedEx 3 Day=$4.95, FedEx 2 Day=$12.00, FedEx Overnight=$18.00) that correspond to the method you select at checkout. If you have other items in your cart during the initial checkout you will pay regular calculated freight rates. The flat rate freight charges apply to all ongoing subscription shipments
  6. Your credit card will be billed only when we send new charts. To Add, Delete or Cancel a FAA Chart Subscription send an e-mail to our “Chart Geek Wizard” at Your subscription will continue until you advise us otherwise.

It’s that easy!

If you need more information, you can visit our Chart Subscription page. Or, you can get started by calling us at the number above or by taking care of step 1 (above) at the SkyGeek Chart Section.

We hope you all like the monster idea; we’re confident everyone will really enjoy the stress free automation.

We also hope everyone had a great new years, and here’s to a great 2010! That’s it for this week, take care!