Last Chance!

The clock is doing what it does best …ticking away. It’s also most likely remaining stationary, unless of course you’ve managed to bait and capture that little guy from the Beauty and the Beast movie. Well, remaining stationary is a luxury you don’t have if you’re looking to pick up a holiday gift for your aviation enthusiast.

So, if you’re still stumped on what to get your geeky friends and family members…here’s some helpful suggestions.

 SkyGeek Gift Certificates – You know when you were in college and all you really wanted was cash so you could decide how to spend it (in other words, give me beer money). Well, SkyGeek gift cards are like beer money for aviation enthusiasts…simple….yet so appreciated.


2010 Aviation Calendars

2010 Aviation Calendars – Ok, time is officially haunting you.
Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments – Move over candy-cane, thanks for the years of Christmas tree service, but you’re being replaced.
Aviation GPS for North & South America Aviation GPS for North & South America – So you’ll never lose the ones you love.


DVD’s – Because there’s never anything on TV, and we all know it.


Aviation Books Aviation Books – Despite the successes of professional athletes and rock stars, intelligence still matters.

Aviation Clocks


Aviation Clocks – A HUGE selection, no Beauty and the Beast though.

Well, hope that helps you last minute shoppers out. We’re at the point of the newsletter where we have to say goodbye…so if we don’t see you…have a happy holiday and take care!