Get Your Head on Straight

Usually when someone tells you to get your head on straight, it means that you’ve acted inappropriately, made an error in judgment, or your priorities weren’t thought through well enough. That, or the person telling you to do so is just flat out wrong, in which case a swift kick to ear is in order…followed by a tongue lashing along the lines of “why don’t you worry about your own head, your ear in particular, which is currently off.”
With all the negative connotations surrounding that phrase, it’s about time somebody put a good spin on it. And who better than SkyGeek? So from here on out, we will interpret getting your head on straight to mean “taking care of your head.” That’s a lot less hostile, and nobody has to lose an ear.
When I think of taking care of my squash, I think of three things. Wearing a helmet when necessary, getting my hair cut, and making sure I have a comfortable, convenient, functioning headset. I’m not a storm trooper, so I can’t help you any helmets. I’m not a barber, so unless you want your head shaved…I can’t help you there either. What I can help you with is making sure your aviation headset is comfortable, convenient and in full working order.
So, my fellow SkyGeeks, here’s some quality headset gear to help you get your head on straight!  

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The End is (not) Near!

The Year 2010 is right around the corner, which means many things. It means that it will have been 11 years since “The Artist Formally Known as Prince” stopped partying. It means my 2009 New Years resolution to start learning how to play the piano will have officially failed miserably. It means that we’re only two years away from people freaking out about the world coming to an end because they’re misconstruing ancient calendar structures such as that of the Mayans (Note: some people say these calendars predict the end of the world, when they actually state the end of a long count time cycle based on precessions…but hey, the axis of the Earth will shift….so who knows).

The year 2010 also just looks and sounds more cool and futuristic than 2009 doesn’t it?  Especially when you say twenty-ten instead of two thousand and ten…and use a deep science fiction movie voice. “In the year twenty-ten, aloof robots will cater to your every whim, cars will fly…finally, humans will stop having to relieve themselves…which in a twist of irony will be reliving to them, and breakfast will begrudgingly make itself.”

Yes, there’s a lot to look forward to, and a lot of fun to be had in 2010. And how better to keep track of it all than with a cool new aviation calendar! We just got some great 2010 aviation calendars in stock, you can check them out here.

It’s really never too early to pick up a new calendar, I mean, the dates aren’t going to change now are they. I might be a regular piano playing Mozart if I had some time in advance to plot out my resolution strategy on my 2009 calendar…..starting with ”January 4th – Buy a piano…no seriously…I know I’m just words on a calendar date that you put here, but listen to yourself and buy the freaking piano.”

Here’s a few of the new 2010 calendars to choose from:

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Mr. Miyagi Knows Best

Doubt Not His Knowledge

Regardless of how old Mr. Miyagi was, he was wise beyond his years. Because he did not have time in the Karate Kid to explain the intricacies of space-time as related to the quantum dynamics of “String Theory”, he introduced us to the concept of “Wax On” and “Wax Off”.

If you remember, Mr. Miyagi taught “Daniel Son” defensive martial arts tactics by making him wax every car in his driveway (which to this day I’m trying to figure out how Miyagi could afford all of them). Some may say that Miyagi was just trying to get his cars shined up on the cheap. Others, including myself, say that Mr. Miyagi is a stoic genius who mastered the art of killing two birds with one stone…in addition to mastering the undemonstrated art of killing non-bird entities at will (you know he could have). Plus, the proof is in the pudding; you judge a tree by the fruits it produces etc. Under Mr. Miyagi’s tutelage, Daniel went from being a scrawny wuss to a young man who won a martial arts championship on one leg.

And it’s all thanks to waxing. In honor of Mr. Miyagi and his time tested life success techniques, this week we thought we’d spotlight some waxing products….good for making your aircraft look great…and for winning adolescent karate tournaments.

Here’s some items that would make the man proud:

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