Soul Plane

In 2004, a movie came out entitled “Soul Plane.” Having a NetFlix account with unlimited rentals, I decided to go against both my sanity and better judgment and rent it. My love for aviation won out against my love for avoiding horrible movies, as it did previously with “Snakes on a Plane” (for dignity’s sake I must note that I’m a movie buff and my true taste should in no way be confused with the mention of these two movies…upon penalty of death.) The movie stars Tom Arnold and Snoop Dogg and basically fails miserably in its attempt to be anywhere close to funny. I want to say it follows a similar plot to that of the movie “Airplane”, but that would be blasphemy, so forget I mentioned it.

Rather than turn it off, I decided to keep an eye out for movie mistakes. That didn’t last too long because I fell asleep for half of it. To quench my own curiosity, I did however look up some mistakes and found that the center console of the plane had three thrust levers despite the fact that it was a Boeing 747 having 4 engines. There, I just eliminated any lingering reason you may have had for watching the movie.

Anyway, I could write up a “99 Thesis” on why this movie stinks and nail it to Snoop Dogg’s door, but let’s turn our focus toward the real Soul of a Plane…the engine.
Soul maintenance for your aircraft falls on you, but it is a mutually beneficial situation. You keep the aircraft running like a dream…it brings you enjoyment, freedom and a sense of overall satisfaction.

Below we’ve provided you with what you need to keep the soul ball rolling. You can view all of our Aircraft Engine Parts & Maintenance products here to find everything you need to maintain a happy engine. For a quick jump to some specific sections, link out from the categories below.

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Come on Baby Light My Fire

First, let me say I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July weekend. Watching the explosions of light in the air (other wise known as “fireworks”) got me thinking, it’s about time we focus on aircraft lighting…another form of “light in the air.”

Hopefully this form of light in the air isn’t exploding, but If it is, well that just means it’s time for a replacement light. Just like fireworks, if your aviation lights are dim, they stink…which also signals that its time to replace them. Below you’ll find some options for doing just that. Even if your lights are going strong right now, we all know they don’t last forever. Having a back-up available is always a smart move, a blown light could cost you a flight if you’re not prepared.

Side note, If a Doors song is stuck in your head because of the title, good…my mission is accomplished.

But enough of the chit-chat, let’s light this fire…baby.

Here’s the SkyGeek selection of top quality aircraft lights. Click through based on your specific need, or you can scroll down and jump off by a specific brand.

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Cut the Bull

How do you cut all the time-wasting bull out of your life? You start by automating things that can be automated. Aviation is a big part of my life, and I can only assume (hope) it’s a big part of yours, because not many things bring more enjoyment. If it is, then a lot of time is spent on keeping things maintained, up to speed and up to date.

Part of keeping things up to date (and keeping legal) is the need to have the latest aeronautical charts. While this is important, and a must, it can also be a pain in the ace. It can be time consuming, and confusing. Well, now it doesn’t have to be.
With a SkyGeek aviation chart subscription, we’ll send you current charts whenever you’re out of date. No wasted time, no confusion….no bull.

All you have to do is call us toll free at 1-888-SKY-GEEK. Or, send and email to and we’ll get back to you right away.
One call and you’ll never have to think of it again.

If you like to do it one by one, we can help you there as well. You can visit our Aeronautical Charts Page and buy right online. Below you’ll find some of the most popular charts on that page.

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