Tops Pops Gifts

Fathers Day is upon us, and you are part of us…so it’s high time you start picking out a gift. Your dad did his part to bring you into this world, so my advice is to not insult him with a stupid tie. The gift of life does not equal the gift of polka dot, it doesn’t equal the gift of aviation gear either…but at least daddy-o will enjoy it.

Whether you’re a child shopping for a dad, a dad shopping for a son-dad, or a grandson shopping for a granddad, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts we can think of to make aviation dads cheer.

Depending on what you order and what shipping method you choose, dad-man-do could get his gift a couple days late, but better late than bad-gift-disownment right. Plus, if you’ve ever thought you were done opening presents only to spy that last package tucked away under all the wrapping paper…you know the rush that can provide (think Red Rider BB Gun in A Christmas Story).

Here are some great gifts for the aviation dad in your life.

David Clark Model 27 Hearing Protection:  Dad’s going to lose his hearing eventually, why not save him a couple years.

CUBDRIVER Alaska DVD:  He’ll fully enjoy it, 60 Minutes can take a night off.

Vertex VXA-220 Air Band Transceiver: Great for aviation, great for letting you know if he fell in the bathroom.

F&M Enterprises Model 5639 Oil Filter Torque Wrench: Perfect for working on Oil Filters, satisfactory for chasing away “loitering whipper-snappers.”

AO Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses: Because dad may have literally been the “original pilot”, and because the sun never sets on cool.

SkyGeek Gift Certificates:  They keys to the candy shop…

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a happy Fathers Day, and take care!

Warehouse Clearing, 15% OFF & Headset Wizardry

There are a couple things in this email we think you’ll really enjoy, but let’s start with thi picture. What you’re looking at is a SkyGeek shipment of Teledyne Gill batteries. The amount of aviation products we have in stock is growing, and it’s starting to get in the way of our Geeks! Just so you know, gracefulness must have skipped a generation here…company wide. But that’s ok, we hire based on aviation knowledge, not agility.

As you can see, we need to clear some space here at SkyGeek. That’s why we’re offering these Teledyne Gill aircraft batteries at low prices…every single day.

If you need a new aircraft battery, or if you’re in need of a back-up, here are two ways to find the right Teledyne Gill battery for your needs:

You can get to the right battery by selecting your Airframe type from here.
You can go right to the Teledyne Gill battery selection from here to find the one you’re looking for.

Teledyne Gill has introduced most of the innovations in the industry, and their batteries are chosen as original equipment by most airframe manufacturers.  They’re also a popular choice for replacement because of their reliability and predictable characteristics to narrow specifications. All in all, if you need a replacement aircraft battery, Teledyne Gill is a superb choice.

SkyGeek Headset Wizard  

Another thing we think you’ll really enjoy is the recently launched SkyGeek Headset Wizard. This new feature allows you to easily find the perfect aviation headset based on your specific needs. You can sort by headset type, price range, brand, stereo/mono, plug type & TSO options. If you’re on the hunt for a new aviation headset, your search just got that much easier.

Rosen Sunvisor Systems 

Finally, we let you know last week that SkyGeek is taking 15% OFF all Rosen Sunvisors & Rosen equipment. This 15% OFF discount runs for the month June only. Many of you recognized the value of this discount last week, so here’s a reminder for everyone that has yet to take advantage of it. We can list every Rosen Sunvisor for every specific aircraft, but you can easily find the right one starting at the Rosen Sunvisor page. You can also check out some of the related products below, all of these are also 15% OFF.
Rosen Crew Shade Kit 

The Rosen Crew Shade Kit includes one big shade, one pouch and two suction cups. This shade is excellent for preventing excessive heat build up in the cockpit, and the suction release tabs make it easy to pop off and reposition as needed.

Rosen Sunvisor Plastic Cleaner, Polish & Protectant  

This is the ONLY product that will not void the Rosen Sunvisor Warranty. Other brands of plastic cleaner and polish can discolor the Rosen Sunvisor lens. This is formulated so that it will not. It has been proven to have more cleaning power and a longer lasting shine, and it won’t create streaking and image distortion and leave a "greasy" film like other brands may.

Rosen 3rd Axis Modification Kit (Pair / Universal)

Add a 3rd axis of adjustability to your Sunvisor System. The modification kit provides vertical flexibility, allowing the visor to be moved from the glare shield to the top of the windshield. This is an approved FAA modification designed to enhance the performance of your system, it comes with all the hardware needed to install and installation’s easy.

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed the glimpse into our operation as well as all the updates. Till next week, take care everyone!