The Safety Dance

We’re fast approaching the aviation “sweet spot”. The weather’s getting really nice across the country, and that means there’s more opportunity to get up in the air for a crystal clear stroll through the heavens. You know what else it means? It means it’s time to do The Safety Dance.

The Safety Dance was brought into the public’s consciousness through a song by the same name sung by Men Without Hats. While largely nonsensical, this catchy little song highlights the importance of dancing and staying safe. Their solution for staying safe consists of throwing your arms in the air to make the shape of an “S”…S is for Safety! Akin to wearing Garlic around your neck to ward off vampires, Men Without Hats seems to implore the general public to practice some form of universal magic to keep danger at bay. I suggest you go to YouTube and watch the music video; it’s always good for a laugh.

While that’s all well and good, SkyGeek would like to offer a more practical solution to keep you safe and healthy during the aviation sweet spot (and the inevitable increase in the urge to fly that comes with it). Right now SkyGeek is offering a Certified First Aid & Safety Kit for a really great price. The first aid & safety kit complies with FAA 121.309, and it’s loaded with all the essentials. You can check out everything that comes in the kit here.


Now’s the time when pilots start stocking up on everything they need to enjoy the best time of the year to fly. SkyGeek wants to make sure that you keep safety on the brain when you’re doing so. Year over year first aid kits get poked, picked and prodded at, leaving them less and less helpful over time. Pick up a Certified First Aid & Safety Kit and avoid using that chewed up bubble gum to plug a wound (yes, I’ve actually seen it done…not pretty).

While we’re going to leave the dancing tips to Men Without Hats (our Geeks can’t really dance too well as you might imagine), I think it’s smart to step in and grab safety torch out of their hands. As the lyrics suggest, “you can dance if you want to”…just make sure that you’re taking some additional steps for your safety preparations.

That’s it for this week everyone, enjoy the weather, enjoy the views and take care!