Spring Cleaning – SkyGeek Style

Ever get your clock cleaned? Not good times. Sometimes, however, when somebody brings up Spring cleaning, I’d almost prefer it. That is unless they’re talking about Spring aircraft cleaning. Going on dump runs is one thing, but doing a little Spring cleaning of the aircraft is an entirely different animal. What type of different animal you may ask?

Cleaning out the basement is like being pursued by an 800lb Silverback Gorilla on PCP, with ill intentions. Working on the aircraft is like a friendly Golden Retriever that gets the morning paper and has learned how to open the fridge and bring you a cold one.

If you enjoy making your aircraft shine, this newsletter’s going to be very helpful in providing you with what you need. If you don’t, next week maybe we’ll discuss the most creative ways to get it dirty. For those interested in keeping a clean aircraft…this is us pointing in the right direction.

If you’re looking for the best place to start…start here. This is our main “Aircraft Cleaning Products” page, you’ll most likely find whatever you need starting here. For a more direct route, and for some check below.

Aviation Grade Towels & Wipes – You can also blow your nose with them…it just might sting a little…or a lot.




Aircraft Upholstery Cleaners –  Coffee on the seats? Hitch-hiking shoe scum on the mats? Get it out!



Aircraft Soap & Cleaner –  Just look at this guy’s impeccable form! A true master.



Aircraft Polish & Aircraft Wax – Because everyone knows a hose and a sponge isn’t going to get you there.





Metal Polish –  “Don’t talk to me, I’m polishing metal”



That’s it for this week everyone, take care! Now where’s that dog with my newspaper?