Deal of the Day

Look! Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve learned to fly! Actually, that’s just an image we chose to represent the SkyGeek deal of the day. If you’ve yet to see it, SkyGeek now has a DailyDealBar that you can see at the very top of the site every time you visit. Each day, SkyGeek will be offering a great deal on one specific product. That product will appear in the DailyDealBar at the top of the site; all you have to do is click on it and it brings you right to the offer.

At SkyGeek, our motto is “Our parts fly, but our prices are grounded!” Since that’s the case, you’d have to consider the daily deal prices as being subterranean by default right? Is my logic off here? Is this the beginning of a sister site; something along the lines of BlindHairlessMoleGeek or iFellinTheSewerAgainGeek? I highly doubt it, but it’s fun to think about.

To give you an idea of what we’re doing with the DailyDealBar, here are two of the deals that we’ve recently featured.

Plexus Polish & Cloth Package Deal – 3 Bottles of Plexus Polish and 10 Microfiber Cloths for $39.95.
It seems like everyone’s offering combination deals these days, and why not? If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, combo deals are where it’s at. We’re getting our Skygeek customers in on this combo business a handy three-bottle set, complete with TEN washable 16" x 16" NOVUS Polish Mate microfiber cloths.


RejeX Surface Polymer 2 Pack Deal – 2 Bottles of RejeX Polymer for $26.95.
RejeX is the “missing link” you have been looking for when it comes to affordable, durable, long-lasting protection. It is a soil barrier / anti-stain protection substance that’s perfect for painted metal, glass, acrylic, gel coat, fiberglass, glossy plastic and polished metal surfaces.


These daily deals are still available because our webmasters shared a bag of Cheeto’s last week and they haven’t finished licking the orange film off their fingers yet. But soon these deals will be pushed out by newer deals so if this is something you need, take advantage before it’s over.      

Well, that’s it for this week my fellow SkyGeeks, take care!