TCP is Back!

TCP Fuel Treatment is back, and that’s great news for every aviation enthusiast. It’s also great news for FedEx, UPS and the Department of Transportation since it is no longer puddling up in the back of delivery trucks. Yes, the leaky cans have been fixed and TCP is back in production. Engines from coast to coast that require TCP will be prrrrrrring once again because Alcor TCP is back to get the lead out!

Some may be wondering: “Why all the excitement?” Well, let’s take a look at TCP Fuel Treatment and why it’s an important product. Since the introduction of 100LL fuel as the main fuel for piston pilots, Alcor TCP has been a leader in giving pilots with low compression engines a choice on how to tackle the nagging problem of getting rid of lead before it can cause problems.
A simple one-shot treatment prevents (among other things) spark plug damage and, worse, stuck valves caused from lead build up. Finding a lead fouled plug is easy (if you have an Alcor EGT Analyzer) but correcting a stuck valve is not. TCP prevents against these damages and more.

Remember my fellow SkyGeeks, TCP won’t remove lead already deposited, so using TCP for every fill-up is a very smart move. By nature Geeks are smart, so we know you get the idea.
With the protection of TCP, you can depend on a cleaner, more reliable engine. ALCOR TCP Fuel Treatment is accepted by the FAA for use in non-exhaust driven turbocharged Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, Pratt & Whitney, and Wright reciprocating engines. In the case of TCP Fuel Treatment, the old adage is true, “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” But now it’s back, SkyGeek has it, and everything can go back to normal. It’s kind of like breaking up with your girlfriend / boyfriend for a little while then getting back together. Except, with TCP…you can still look at it the same way and trust it no matter what.

That’s it for this week folks, hope you enjoyed the good news. Take care everyone!