I’m Completely Lost & Illegal

“I’m completely lost.” Other than “my hair is on fire and my foot’s caught in a diamond tipped bear trap”, these are the last words you want to have to utter. So much so, the simple act of pulling over to ask for directions is often avoided because it’s an admission to the fact that you have no idea where you are. In any case, a simple admission to the fact that you’re lost is an acceptable price to pay for some direction. If you’re driving, your dilemma can easily be solved with a stop off at a gas station for a coffee and a helpful tip (writers note: avoid scratch ticket purchases during these types of stops, it’s clearly not your lucky day). The problem is, when you’re up in the air, you can’t really just pull over for some friendly local advice.

For this reason, it’s required by law to have up to date aeronautical charts in the cockpit. Martin Luther King Jr. and St. Thomas Aquinas both argued that one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws…this is not one of them. Not having up to date aeronautical charts is not only illegal; outdated charts are basically useless and dangerous to fly with. You can stay up to date with the latest aeronautical charts at SkyGeek. You can even get on a subscription basis with SkyGeek and we’ll provide you with the latest charts when necessary so there’s one less thing you have to consistently worry about. Just contact our friendly customer care center and let them know what you’re trying to do.

Got a bunch of useless old charts lying around? Fret not, you can put them to use in a number of ways. For one, you can take a page out of Mexica Airlines’ book from back in the day and use your old charts as window shades to block out the sun! This is a cheap, semi-effective alternative to purchasing actual window shades.

Another thing you can do with your old aeronautical charts is hone in your origami skillzzz (yes, I spelt it with zzz on purpose because I’m “hip” and because quite frankly I find origami boring…but you may not so I left the option on the table). Fold those charts up to make a triangle hat when you have to make a mad dash from your plane when it’s raining. Or you can fold it up into a giant paper airplane for the kids.

Speaking of kids, want to save some money this Christmas? You can keep your children entertained for hours and at the same time keep some coin in your pocket with an old aeronautical chart. How? Take an old chart, wrinkle it up something fierce then dip it into any brand of brown tea. Let it soak there for a while and the paper will absorb the brown color. Pull it out, let it dry and BOOM – you have an “old pirate treasure map” for the kids to play with. Watch them run around in circles for hours looking for a non-existent treasure (outside the house!). Not only are they getting exercise and stimulating their imagination, they’re never going to find anything so there’s always something for them to do!

Whatever you choose to do with your old aeronautical charts is up to you. The important thing is for you to have up to date aeronautical charts so you can stay safe, stay within the law and never have to say those dreaded words…”I’m completely lost.”

That’s it for this week everyone, keep taking off and keep taking care.

Weird, or Innovative? Part 2

Because we had so many people write in with great feedback on the “Weird or Innovative” newsletter from a few weeks ago, we’ve decided to bring back the concept one more time. For those of you who missed it, a few weeks ago we let you in on some talks that took place around the SkyGeek water cooler. Basically, those talks focused on the fact that many of the SkyGeek products have uses other than their stated purpose (you can check your old email or visit the SkyGeek blog for a recap). The question is whether these alternative uses are innovative, or just flat out weird. Last time, most people surprisingly leaned toward innovative. This time…well…you be the judge.


Heli-Coil Aviation Spark Plug Repair Kit

Stated Purpose: Using Heli-Coil serrated aviation inserts is the only FAA approved method of repairing damages spark plug threads. It is also the only method certified by engine manufacturers such as Teledyne –Continental and Textron – Lycoming.



Innovative Purpose: While the Heli-Coil repair kits won’t actually function like laptops, they sure do look like them. So if you’re using a desktop computer and don’t have a laptop, this is a great way to fool people from a distance. Why would you need / want to fool people? Well, let’s say you’re a shy person and you’re at a coffee shop; you see a woman / man that you’d like to talk to. You sit there for a while, but you just haven’t built up your courage to make a move. Problem is, your coffee is gone and you can’t just sit there staring into space. Now, you can just flip open your Heli-Coil kit and pretend to type away while you buy some time until you find the courage to approach them.  



ProLube Grease Gun

Stated Purpose:  This convenient grease gun handles modern, hi-tech lubricants with optimum performance at 10,000 psi pressure. It’s ideal for all aviation and industrial applications. The robust steel barrel assures durability, the dual port head cap incorporates bulk loader fitting and an air release valve, the heavy duty follower spring compresses grease constantly in the barrel and there’s 3-Way loading – cartridge, bulk or suction. It comes complete with standard 6 steel expansions and standard coupler. 



Innovative Purpose: Even after all you’ve greased everything up, this ProLube Grease Gun continues to work for you. If you’re sick of spending your money on exercise & strength training equipment, stop! While this grease gun is easy to squeeze, you’ll really start to build those Popeye forearms if you give it a few hundred squeezes throughout the day. While I rather enjoy their delightful singing in the early afternoon, why not kill two birds with one stone?


Airplane Christmas Ornaments

Stated Purpose:  I don’t know if there’s actually a stated purpose written down anywhere, but I think we all know what you’re supposed to do with Christmas ornaments.



Innovative Purpose: Since it’s the off season, you can plan ahead and get airplane Christmas ornaments at great prices right now. But that’s not the only reason you might want to buy some. If you’ve ever seen the movie Home Alone, you might very well know that Christmas ornaments make for great booby-trap material. In the movie, Macaulay Culkin forces the burglars to lose their shoes by putting down a layer of sticky roof tar in front of the window he purposely left open for them to enter through (genius by the way). When they enter bare-footed, they’re unpleasantly surprised by the carpet of Christmas ornaments they’re now forced to walk on. Bulb after bulb smashes under their feet, and incremental damage is done effectively. This is a security
strategy you may want to consider implementing around your hangar.



Stated Purpose: Your plane does not have a brain, so don’t let it get the best of you. Prevent a Houdini like disappearing act with some solid Aviation Chocks. Secure your aircrafts wheels with these purposely designed wedges and show your plane who’s boss (strong language I know, but the thought of a metal object putting one past me makes me a little angry).



Innovative Purpose: Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends would get together on a sunny Saturday afternoon for some wholesome scorpion fighting fun? No? I don’t either, but if I did I’m sure that I would have wanted some of these. If you get two sets of these you can combine them in a box shape to form the ultimate scorpion fighting arena. They beat the heck out of rudimentary dirt walls and as an added benefit, each pair is attached by a rope…making for an easier getaway when the cops come to break up your fun.  

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TCP is Back!

TCP Fuel Treatment is back, and that’s great news for every aviation enthusiast. It’s also great news for FedEx, UPS and the Department of Transportation since it is no longer puddling up in the back of delivery trucks. Yes, the leaky cans have been fixed and TCP is back in production. Engines from coast to coast that require TCP will be prrrrrrring once again because Alcor TCP is back to get the lead out!

Some may be wondering: “Why all the excitement?” Well, let’s take a look at TCP Fuel Treatment and why it’s an important product. Since the introduction of 100LL fuel as the main fuel for piston pilots, Alcor TCP has been a leader in giving pilots with low compression engines a choice on how to tackle the nagging problem of getting rid of lead before it can cause problems.
A simple one-shot treatment prevents (among other things) spark plug damage and, worse, stuck valves caused from lead build up. Finding a lead fouled plug is easy (if you have an Alcor EGT Analyzer) but correcting a stuck valve is not. TCP prevents against these damages and more.

Remember my fellow SkyGeeks, TCP won’t remove lead already deposited, so using TCP for every fill-up is a very smart move. By nature Geeks are smart, so we know you get the idea.
With the protection of TCP, you can depend on a cleaner, more reliable engine. ALCOR TCP Fuel Treatment is accepted by the FAA for use in non-exhaust driven turbocharged Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, Pratt & Whitney, and Wright reciprocating engines. In the case of TCP Fuel Treatment, the old adage is true, “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” But now it’s back, SkyGeek has it, and everything can go back to normal. It’s kind of like breaking up with your girlfriend / boyfriend for a little while then getting back together. Except, with TCP…you can still look at it the same way and trust it no matter what.

That’s it for this week folks, hope you enjoyed the good news. Take care everyone!