Weird, or Innovative?

By now, you probably know that SkyGeek offers just about everything you can think of in terms of products that help you maintain and enjoy your aircraft, toot toot. That was the sound of our own horn incase you were wondering. What you may not know is that many of these everyday products have uses other than their stated purpose. Through casual conversations while standing around the water cooler, the Geeks over here have come up with an innovative use for almost every product we offer. It’s tough to decide whether these alternative uses are innovative, or just plain weird. To settle the dispute, we’re asking you to be the judge. Here’s a 4 item sample.


AeroShell Grease



Stated Purpose: AeroShell Grease products fit every lubrication need of the aviation community. From greasing wheel bearings and engine accessories, to everything airframe, AeroShell is the high quality brand you want.



Innovative Purpose: Spring is here, summer is just around the corner, and the temperatures are on the rise baby! Grease up and old tarp with some AeroShell grease and BOOM, home-made slip and slide. Just be sure to slide with your mouth and eyes closed. You might want to clothespin that nose as well. Get this going in your front yard and watch the neighborhood kids wither with envy.



Stainless Steel Safety Wire   

Stated Purpose: Safety wire is used for securing nuts and bolts (ie. Carb nuts and Prop bolts), as hose clamps (around the fuel lines, fuel pump, carb, or primer bulb), as probe clamp replacements, exhaust springs, rotary valve tank clamps, spark plug caps for securing your air filters to your carbs & much more.



Innovative Purpose: You know how sometimes you’re in line to get a cup of coffee and there’s a person in front of you on their cell phone holding everything up and being unbelievably rude to the person serving them? Now you can do something about it. Carry some of this stainless steel safety wire around with you and swiftly jump into action at a moments notice. Tie that bird-brain up before they even know what hit them. You could also use it to subdue a bank robber, but you may not want to waste it on them, cell phone abuse is a far more important societal breakdown to focus on controlling. The banks are stealing from everyone anyway; they’ll just get bailed out.



Door Steward
Stated Purpose: When a plane door is unlatched, the Door Steward gas spring gently but firmly opens the door to the full open position. The gas spring while in the open position protects the aircraft and occupants from unexpected openings and closings by providing resistance to considerably higher wind gusts and prop wash than the original stops.




Innovative Purpose: Whenever I think of doors opening by themselves, I think of the myth, the man, the legend…Willy Wonka. Not Johnny Depp Willy Wonka, the real Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder. If you remember the scene when all the kids are walking into the Chocolate Factory for the first time, you might recall what I’m talking about. The door slowly opens by itself to let everyone in, kind of like what the Door Steward does. If you could rig this up to work at your home, you’re one step closer to owning the ultimate abode. “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it, anything you want to do it, want doors to open by themselves…there’s nothing…to it.”


ASA Hoodwink View Limiting Device

Stated Purpose: All pilots must practice instrument procedures as part of their training curriculum, from private pilots to those working towards an instrument rating. This is usually accomplished by wearing a view-limiting device to restrict the pilot’s vision to the instrument panel, which prevents the pilot from looking outside the cockpit for a visual reference to his or her attitude and location.

Innovative Purpose: Have you ever been to the gym? If you have, you might already know what this is for. This is to shield your view of the 90 year old guy who goes to the gym with the sole intention of walking around naked in the locker room picking up pennies off the floor. He doesn’t work out, he doesn’t swim, he just walks…around naked in the locker room. This is the best thing to happen to eye care since bifocals.

Well, that’s it for this week everyone. We hope you enjoyed the journey into the mind of a full fledged SkyGeek. We invite you to join our game, send over an email with your “innovative” ideas, we’d love to have a laugh. Take Care!