Spring Discount

That furry little groundhog beast had his never-ending winter, now it’s time for the skies to clear.  Aside from the occasional April shower, spring is my favorite time to fly.
The enjoyable weather just makes it that much more enticing to get up in the air to take it all in. It’s time to climb out of that winter semi-hibernation; it’s time to get back into full swing. To all of our loyal SkyGeek customers, Happy Spring!

To celebrate, we’re offering the Peltor HTB79A headset at just $100 a pop. You won’t find a better price on this item anywhere. This discount is going to end real soon, so don’t procrastinate.

These Peltore HTB79A headsets are perfect to use with speaker microphones, VHF/UHF radios or personal audio entertainment devises when you’re in high noise areas.

If you often find yourself in highly noisy situations, and you like your ability to hear (regardless of how much you may take it for granted), these are perfect for you. If you need to hear a VHF/UHF radio, or you like to listen to music while you work, they’re an even better fit. For those of you who remember the newsletter from a few weeks ago, this falls right in line with the “whistle while you work” strategy, and the noise cancelling aspect will even block out your out of tune attempts to hit the high notes.
The Peltor HTB79A combines noise-cancelling technology with crystal-clear sound that won’t hurt or damage your ears.  The large earpieces fit completely over your ears and contain ultra-comfortable gel ear cushions.  The wire headband is adjustable and the top is padded so you can wear it for hours.  These industrial headphones are highly durable, and they’ll last you a long long time.

In high noise environments, you can’t find a better product.  And don’t limit your thinking to just the runway and the hangar. There are hundreds of uses for these, like when you’re stuck riding in a car with a bunch of jabberwockies who won’t stop talking about reality TV.  
Throw these on, lay your head back, and dream of flying your plane. You might catch some gruff, but who cares, I’d give my left ring finger to avoid something like that.

Hurry up- this deal is as fleeting as the groundhog’s shadow, so take advantage!  

That’s it for this week, Happy Spring everyone! Take Care!