The Creative Spark

I have an intrinsic desire to create, and so do you. Creative inspiration has been hardwired into our DNA, and if you keep it bottled up, it can leave you with an unfulfilled feeling. In an attempt to temporarily avoid that feeling, I write. My most recent creative outburst is this email…which you can feel free to ridicule or enshrine as much as you’d like.

At SkyGeek, our mission is to provide you with the supplies you need to fuel YOUR creative desire. We’re here to give you access to all the equipment you need to create something you can call your own, something that falls in line with your passion.  Whether it’s creating a fully functional FBO Airbase, or creating a completely unique aircraft with all the right personal touches, we want to provide the paint for your canvas (so to speak).

Part of the joy associated with creating something is to bask in the self interpreted glory, as well as to enjoy the benefits resulting from its creation. We don’t want to tell you how to be creative with your aircraft, but this week our Dr. Frankenstein focus is on aviation headset accessories. Since headsets are some of the most commonly used aviation instruments, there’s no better place to start if you’re looking reap the aforementioned benefits.

It’s really easy to take a basic headset and create something that you’ll enjoy using every time you climb into your aircraft. Not only will you enjoy the luxury based improvements such as iPod adaptors & cell phone adaptors, you’ll enjoy the functionality improvements such as headset bags for easy transport & extension cables for increased maneuverability.

However you choose to add a personal touch on your aircraft, the satisfaction you feel in doing so really goes a long way toward maintaining the passion you feel for your project. The feeling of workmanship pride is often missing for many people; we as aviation enthusiasts are uniquely positioned to experience this gratification on a regular basis. It’s important to step back once in a while and think about that, because if you don’t, the creative spark is quick to vanish.

That’s it for this week everyone, take care and keep that spark alive!