Best Headset of 2008

The Lightspeed Zulu was just voted the Best Headset of 2008 by Aviation Consumer magazine. That’s great news for Lightspeed and it’s great news for you. For a limited time, SkyGeek is going to help our newsletter subscribers fly with the best by offering a Low Price & Free Freight Shipping on the Lightspeed Zulu. If you’re thinking about upgrading your headset, this is the time to do it.

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As an authorized Lightspeed dealer, SkyGeek can not only bring you great prices and free freight shipping on the Zulu, we can make it easy to get your Lightspeed $100 Trade In Rebate. All you have to do is pick up your Zulu from SkyGeek, fill out the rebate form (which is available here), and mail in your old Lightspeed headset (has to be Lightspeed) and proof of purchase (SkyGeek receipt). There’s a more detailed description on the site, but that’s basically it (as in there’s no FU moment when you get to the fine print, and Rumpelstiltskin isn’t going to pop out of nowhere and ask for your first born child).
Even if you’re not trading in an old Lightspeed for the rebate, this is a great deal. For everything you need to know about why the Lightspeed Zulu was chosen as the Best Headset of 2008, visit SkyGeek’s Lightspeed Zulu page.  For the “Cliff Notes”, scroll down.

•    NAME: Taken from “Zulu time,” the pilot term for Greenwich Mean Time.
•    NOISE REDUCTION: The best combination of Active and Passive in the market.
•    MATERIALS: Made from metal and composite plastics. Magnesium Ear cups are half the thickness of typical plastic cups yet provide a better rigid barrier for attenuation. Ear cups have heat sensitive foam covered in soft leather.
•    HEADBAND: Removable, vented headpad for comfortable weight distribution. Thin, flexible, formable spring steel band design produces 40% lower side pressure on ear cups than on the 3G series. Calibrated magnesium sliders adjust ergonomically to accommodate larger heads with uniform pressure.
•    WEIGHT: 13.9 ounces.
•    BATTERIES: Requires 2 AA batteries. Estimated to last 40 hrs.
•    STORAGE: Headset folds flat when not in use.
•    BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE: Wireless phone and music interface with controls is embedded into the battery box.
•    COMM. PRIORITY MUTE: Circuitry gives priority to incoming radio calls, automatically muting the aux music source.
•    AUDIO SYSTEM: Full wireless stereo interface with patented Front Row Center (FRC) audio circuitry. One wireless audio input and one wired. The Zulu FRC solves the problem of left/right channel isolation on stereo headphones. The processor closely matches the shadowing affect of the head for the “crossfeed” signal to the left (or right) ear. The signal is both amplitude and delay corrected to compensate for the increased distance the sound would travel. The results are extremely pleasing and akin to switching from mono to stereo.
•    AUTO SHUT-OFF: Batteries shut off automatically (after 2 minutes) when headset is left unattended.

If you’re in the market for a new aviation headset (for whatever reason…I’m sure there’s a bunch), why not go with the very best…and why not save some money while you’re at it. Pick up your Lightspeed Zulu and see what using the best is all about.

That’s it for this week everyone. Take care and see you next time!