New Year’s Resolutions – SkyGeek Style!

Let’s be honest. New Year’s resolutions pretty much stink. All they do is put extra pressure on you to do something that’s usually completely unattainable. When you can’t actually follow through, you end up feeling like a failure. For instance, one year my college friend resolved to mow the grass every week. A few weeks later, he gave up completely. To save face, he thought it would be a good idea to buy a goat and throw “Come Watch the Goat Mow our Grass” parties. It worked great a first, but then the goat ended up eating ate ALL the grass, right down to the dirt. The “Watch the Grass Grow Back” parties just didn’t have the same appeal.

That being said, I was struck with a bit of inspiration over the holidays. As I listened to loudmouthed Aunt Millie stuff her face with black eyed peas, cabbage, and ham on New Year’s Day “for good luck” and talk about her resolution to lose weight (ironic, I know…especially because it would take her a lifetime of keeping that resolution to even scratch the surface), I realized I wanted to spite her by actually keeping a resolution or two of my own. My first one was to never eat peas, cabbage, and ham again. My second was to chew with my mouth closed.

We believe that if you resolve to do something you enjoy, you’ll actually stick with it. SkyGeek wants to bring you a new line of products to help formulate a few resolutions based on what you love to do, FLY.

Resolution 1:
You WILL remember which type of gas goes in the plane.
Ok, sometimes you can’t help being the absent minded professor any more than Millie can help herself from hoarding the chocolate cake. At least you can leave yourself helpful reminders. These decals will help your resolution “stick” (literally) by adhering right to the gas tank, so when you’re itching to grab the fuel, you’ll find the voice of reason.

Resolution 2:
You WILL make smoother landings (it’s the safest way to fly).
Yes, yes we understand that the first time you bounced because the wind caught the plane at a weird angle, and the second time you hit a pothole in the runway (they should really work on keeping those things smoother!), and the third time you were swerving to avoid a bird, etc. Just humor us and try to land smoother and straighter. In the event that this resolution proves to be fruitless, SkyGeek brings you a full selection of replacement tires and tubes by Michelin, Goodyear, and McCreary.

Resolution 3:
You WILL take good care of your plane.
Love it, wash it, replace worn parts, and change the oil (coincidentally, everything you need to do all that can be found at…weird…). We have a ton of airplane tow bars to help you maneuver the plane while it’s on the ground, leaving you few excuses to skive out of plane maintenance. They’re ridiculously strong, easy to attach and won’t damage the plane.

Resolution 4:
You WILL properly de-ice the plane instead of throwing a temper tantrum.
There is something about seeing your plane covered in ice in the morning that just makes you want to crawl back into bed. Luckily for you, the aviation grade de-icer products at SkyGeek loosen up ice on locks, handles, and windshields, ensuring a smoother de-icing session and a safer flight. Even better, there’s no need to recreate that scene from Home Alone 2. The Arrow Magnolia Boot Prep solution reduces build-up and dulling during de-icing operations so your feet will stay on the ground instead of over your head (unless, of course, you’re doing some awesome barrel rolls). Just spray it on. It’s so easy to use, a goat could eat it…I mean do it.

All the resolutions aside, everyone here at SkyGeek just really wants you to enjoy 2009 by making more time to fly and taking care of your plane. As another year ticks away, the “I’ll get to it later” excuse need not apply if you’re resolving to have more fun and take the bird out for a spin. Stick to it this year – it’s not over until the fat lady sings! Luckily for all of us, Aunt Millie’s throat is usually too full to speak, much less sing, so it looks like we’re in the clear. That’s all folks, talk to you again soon.