Air Force One

With the Presidential transition taking place yesterday, Air Force One has been on center stage quite a bit lately. As an aviation enthusiast, constantly seeing this beautiful plane got me wondering; what’s going on in there? Does Air Force One have an emergency escape pod as rumored? What’s the history behind the planes? In honor of the Presidential transition, SkyGeek is happy to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about Air Force One.

To start, Air Force One is not one plane in particular. Any U.S.A.F. aircraft carrying the president is referred to the call sign of “Air Force One” by air traffic control. That being said, the main Presidential fleet used on a day to day basis consists of two fully customized Boeing 747-200B VC-25’s with the tail codes of 28000 and 29000. Each plane cost $325 million dollars to build and can accommodate 70 passengers and 26 crew members.

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The first Presidential aircraft was put into use during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The aircraft used was a reconfigured Douglas C-54 Skymaster with the nickname “Sacred Cow.” The actual call sign “Air Force One” came about during the Eisenhower administration when an Eastern Airlines commercial flight with the same call sign as the Presidents plane caused mass confusion.

Over the years, the type of aircraft used to fly the President changed somewhat frequently. The C-54 was replaced by the C-118 Liftmaster. The Liftmaster was then replaced by the Lockheed C-121 Constellation, which was replaced by the Boeing 707. Ultimately, the Boeing 747 came in use during the administration of George H.W. Bush.
Now that you probably know more about the history of Air Force One than any President does, let’s jump into the fun stuff. What’s on the thing?

The front of the plane is typically referred to as the “White House” of the plane. This is where the President’s executive suite is located. The suite includes the President’s sleeping quarters, two bed-convertible couches, a bathroom with a double sink and full shower and an Oval Office in the air where the President can address the entire nation in front of a 50 inch plasma screen television. The plane also includes a conference room, workout area, two galley kitchens capable of serving 100+ people at once, separate quarters for guests, secret service and aids, one doctor, one nurse, furniture hand-crafted by master carpenters, 87 phones and 19 televisions.

So what about the escape pod? My whole life I’ve heard that one exists, but I never really researched it to find out whether or not it was true. According to the government, no such pod exists. However, my inherent distrust of government combined with my understanding of security based secrecy lead me to believe that the possibility of an emergency escape pod on Air Force One still exists. This, and the fact that there’s no reason not to have one! You’ve got all the money you need, you’ve got the ability to do it, and it makes sense to have. I have a hard time believing that there ISN’T one.

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