Where for art Thou, Chivalry?

Who’s going to hold the door open on your Cessna or Beech?

Those who say “chivalry is dead” probably just had a little voice in their head exclaim “nobody!” But those who claim chivalry has gone the way of the Dodo clearly haven’t heard about the Door Steward™.

I saw one of these things in action and I thought “hey, that’s pretty cool, I’m writing about this!” These handy little gadgets utilize simple, reliable gas springs that keep doors from shutting unexpectedly. They save aggravation, and they can even save your fingers. That works out great because when a situation arises when you DO get aggravated; you’ll still have that certain finger to fully express yourself (I’ll refrain from elaborating further).

The best part? You don’t have to worry about getting hit up for dinner and a movie. The worst part? If you get into an argument on your plane, you can’t yell “Don’t let the door hit you in the tail flap on the way out.” Just when you thought chivalry was dead, SkyGeek swoops down just in time to hold your door:

Door Steward 170-210



Door Steward™ Cessna 170 thru 210 Cabin Doors Installation Kit






Door Steward 177



 Door Steward™  Cessna 177 Cabin Doors Installation Kit




Door Steward 206-207




 Door Steward™ Cessna 206 & 207 Forward Utility Door Kit





Door Steward 33-95



 Door Steward™ Beechcraft 33 thru 95 Cabin Door Installation Kit




And for the times when you’ve had a little too much chivalry (the little voice in the women’s heads just said “not possible”) and need a replacement, SkyGeek offers the Door Steward™ replacement gas spring.

Door Steward Replacement Gas  Spring

Door Steward Replacement Gas Spring

Door Steward Replacement Cessna 177 Gas Spring





Plane Sights™

I think I’m getting inspired to be chivalrous! No wait, just light-headed from staring at the computer screen. Either way, we want to be your Geeks in shining airplanes, and protect you along the way, too!

When it’s time for takeoff, a few birdies on the ramp might be toast, but YOUR Bird will be safe and secure (more than I can say for what ended up on my Thanksgiving plate). Pick up a Static Wick or Pitot Tube Cover from Plane Sights™


Unless you spawned from the gene pool of Wile E. Coyote, you can’t stand still and free float in the air until you look down. That means you’ll want to take care of your plane while it’s on the ground so that you’ll stay safely in the air.

Fuel Bladder ScreensWe know that few things are worse than a full bladder in the air (hey, things shake around when you’re doing death-defying stunts, Right Ace?). That is of course unless it’s full fuel bladder! If you’ve got a Cessna 182, 180, or 185 that needs some fuel work, Replace the 600+ Fuel Strainers with something that works.


Bycan Red Baron Avionics


Speaking of full bladders (yeah, I’m just going to roll with the punches until I’m off the topic), it’s almost that time of year when you make the extra effort to “go” before you get into those bulky winter clothing layers (phew, it’s over).

On those Gray Snowy Days where you sit in your plane and play with the radios, SkyGeek wants to cozy on up next to you. Well, maybe not, but we do want you to have our newly-added Ramp Auxiliary Power Units to keep you from running your battery to D.O.A.

Of course, you need batteries first. If your battery is totally shot, we’ll be your Santa. Unlike the popular 80’s movie, “batteries ARE included” at SkyGeek.

With SkyGeek’s chivalrous nature, Romeo is getting a run for his money…but that’s what he gets for wearing tights. At least tights are aerodynamic, right? No wind resistance. Yeah. Anyway, his balcony climbing looks like child’s play (and it was!) next to the sky climbing you’ll be doing with the latest and greatest from SkyGeek.