Burning the Midnight Oil

This guy certainly got involved with a little midnight oil burning in an attempt to either:

(A) beat the evening traffic

(B) solidify himself as the best “Mall Santa” ever

(C) spring an inmate from the pen, or

(D) recreate the scene from E.T. to the best of his ability.

In my opinion, all other explanations for this photo are out of the question. Therefore, if we follow the principles of “Occam’s Razor,” one of those must be right.

With that established, can we agree that burning the midnight oil doesn’t always produce the best results? I mean let’s be honest, the sky looks really cool in the picture, but that contraption has “OH NO!” written all over it.

With the holiday season in our midst, SkyGeek wants to make sure you don’t have to stay up all night, burning the midnight oil trying to think of what to get your Pilot or little Pilot in training. As we can see, it may not always produce the best results. For that reason, we’ve compiled a little “Wish List” that pilots of all ages, skill levels, and personalities can appreciate.

The “Wish List” for Pilots includes a bunch of stuff from our “Deals, Deals, Deals” section. Stuff like:

The Spot™ Satellite Personal Messenger


The Spot™ Satellite Personal Messenger – SPOT utilizes dual satellite networks to receive your location as well as transmit it along with pre-programmed messages to friends, family or the recipients of your choice.



Garmin GPS Systems



Garmin GPS Systems – Industry leading Aviation GPS Systems from Garmin. There’s really nothing else to say other than they’re a must for every pilot.


Aviation Headsets


Aviation Headsets – Aviation Headsets from high quality brands. You want to see your pilot more pumped than you’ve seen him or her in a long time? Wrap on of these up and wait.



Axel Nuts


Burl’s Aircraft ANW Cessna Axel Nut Wrench – Handy Tool Alert! Save a back, save a buck. That simple.


Oil Torque wrench


Oil Torque Wrenches – What Pilot wouldn’t want to see one of these protruding from a stocking? Honestly, I can’t think of one.


And for aviation enthusiasts of all ages, this “Wish List” is for you!

Styrofoam glidersStyrofoam Gliders  – You really can’t beat these prices. Really.




Diecast Planes


Dicast Planes – For old pilots, young pilots, and pilots in between. These Diecast Planes come highly detailed and highly appreciated by aviation enthusiasts of all ages.


This kind of reminds me of a game I used to play as a child with my Dad around the holiday season. He and I would sit down with a couple of catalog’s (toy catalog’s, electronics catalog’s, etc…) and we’d go through page by page saying “If you could have one thing on this page, what would it be, and why?” Whoever had the best explanation of why they wanted the item, got it (hypothetically of course, I don’t think I ever actually GOT any of the things I picked).

Now that I look at the concept in writing, it seems kind of boring, but trust me, it was fun for a little kid (on par with building little forts out of pillows and blankets). It was fun all the way up until the day I chose the woman who was showcasing a vacuum cleaner…yup, that’s when the game ended.

But don’t let my honest expression of want ruin YOUR game! SkyGeek has far more to choose from than those skimpy little catalogs. Instead of pushing your finger on a catalog page and getting nothing, at SkyGeek, you can click a mouse on a screen and get whatever you want!