Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Pilot Gifts

For many, pilot gifts equal happiness, so I don’t think any of the Forefathers are rolling in their grave as a result of my word play (and the fact that it almost rhymes bought me some leeway I think).

Anyway, you don’t need me to tell you that the Holiday season is upon us, but you may need a reminder that if you plan on shopping for Pilot Gifts online, and you want them to be delivered in time for the Holidays, the online shipping deadline is fast approaching.

For SkyGeek, the last day to order and have your gifts arrive in time is 12/23/08. Even then, you’ll have to select overnight shipping and hope that the driver doesn’t call in sick due to an overzealous attack on the company party’s supply of Egg Nogg the night before. My point being, try not to wait until the last minute. Instead of a beautiful box wrapped tightly with anticipation and mystery, you might end up handing out scraps of paper with a reluctantly scribbled “IOU” on it.
If you’re in a bind and you’re not sure what to get the Pilot in your life, or if you’re doing a little (ah hem) personal shopping, SkyGeek is here to help. The Pilot Gifts section is a great place to start. For even more help, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular gifts SkyGeek is seeing for 2008.

Pilot USA BluLink™ – This thing’s niiiiice. BluLink™ allows you to use your Bluetooth™ cell phone and any music source (such as an ipod) wirelessly in the cockpit.


AirGizmos™ Universal Gust Locks – This is an extremely handy little gizmo that allows you to quickly lock down virtually any control surface securely. If you don’t know what that means, trust me, your pilot will.



Crashkit Survival Kits – The perfect gift for any Pilot. Not only does it show you care, the food in these things will certainly taste better than a stale Yule Log or that leftover Thanksgiving turkey.




ASL Camguard™: Advanced Engine Oil Supplement – So slippery Chevy Chase would use it on his snow saucer, but SkyGeek recommends using it on your planes Engine. You will thank yourself at Overhaul time! Addresses problems of corrosion, wear, deposits and seal degradation in piston engines.



If your Pilot loved ones tend to treat their “Sleigh” like the Holy Grail, you really can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. When they open them up, you won’t even need the mistletoe to get a kiss. If you’re buying for a buddy, taking that glove off exposes your hand to the cold, but I think you’ll agree that an appreciative handshake is well worth it.

From all the Geeks here at SkyGeek, we’d like to wish a Happy Holiday to you and your family. Take care everyone.


Burning the Midnight Oil

This guy certainly got involved with a little midnight oil burning in an attempt to either:

(A) beat the evening traffic

(B) solidify himself as the best “Mall Santa” ever

(C) spring an inmate from the pen, or

(D) recreate the scene from E.T. to the best of his ability.

In my opinion, all other explanations for this photo are out of the question. Therefore, if we follow the principles of “Occam’s Razor,” one of those must be right.

With that established, can we agree that burning the midnight oil doesn’t always produce the best results? I mean let’s be honest, the sky looks really cool in the picture, but that contraption has “OH NO!” written all over it.

With the holiday season in our midst, SkyGeek wants to make sure you don’t have to stay up all night, burning the midnight oil trying to think of what to get your Pilot or little Pilot in training. As we can see, it may not always produce the best results. For that reason, we’ve compiled a little “Wish List” that pilots of all ages, skill levels, and personalities can appreciate.

The “Wish List” for Pilots includes a bunch of stuff from our “Deals, Deals, Deals” section. Stuff like:

The Spot™ Satellite Personal Messenger


The Spot™ Satellite Personal Messenger – SPOT utilizes dual satellite networks to receive your location as well as transmit it along with pre-programmed messages to friends, family or the recipients of your choice.



Garmin GPS Systems



Garmin GPS Systems – Industry leading Aviation GPS Systems from Garmin. There’s really nothing else to say other than they’re a must for every pilot.


Aviation Headsets


Aviation Headsets – Aviation Headsets from high quality brands. You want to see your pilot more pumped than you’ve seen him or her in a long time? Wrap on of these up and wait.



Axel Nuts


Burl’s Aircraft ANW Cessna Axel Nut Wrench – Handy Tool Alert! Save a back, save a buck. That simple.


Oil Torque wrench


Oil Torque Wrenches – What Pilot wouldn’t want to see one of these protruding from a stocking? Honestly, I can’t think of one.


And for aviation enthusiasts of all ages, this “Wish List” is for you!

Styrofoam glidersStyrofoam Gliders  – You really can’t beat these prices. Really.




Diecast Planes


Dicast Planes – For old pilots, young pilots, and pilots in between. These Diecast Planes come highly detailed and highly appreciated by aviation enthusiasts of all ages.


This kind of reminds me of a game I used to play as a child with my Dad around the holiday season. He and I would sit down with a couple of catalog’s (toy catalog’s, electronics catalog’s, etc…) and we’d go through page by page saying “If you could have one thing on this page, what would it be, and why?” Whoever had the best explanation of why they wanted the item, got it (hypothetically of course, I don’t think I ever actually GOT any of the things I picked).

Now that I look at the concept in writing, it seems kind of boring, but trust me, it was fun for a little kid (on par with building little forts out of pillows and blankets). It was fun all the way up until the day I chose the woman who was showcasing a vacuum cleaner…yup, that’s when the game ended.

But don’t let my honest expression of want ruin YOUR game! SkyGeek has far more to choose from than those skimpy little catalogs. Instead of pushing your finger on a catalog page and getting nothing, at SkyGeek, you can click a mouse on a screen and get whatever you want!

Where for art Thou, Chivalry?

Who’s going to hold the door open on your Cessna or Beech?

Those who say “chivalry is dead” probably just had a little voice in their head exclaim “nobody!” But those who claim chivalry has gone the way of the Dodo clearly haven’t heard about the Door Steward™.

I saw one of these things in action and I thought “hey, that’s pretty cool, I’m writing about this!” These handy little gadgets utilize simple, reliable gas springs that keep doors from shutting unexpectedly. They save aggravation, and they can even save your fingers. That works out great because when a situation arises when you DO get aggravated; you’ll still have that certain finger to fully express yourself (I’ll refrain from elaborating further).

The best part? You don’t have to worry about getting hit up for dinner and a movie. The worst part? If you get into an argument on your plane, you can’t yell “Don’t let the door hit you in the tail flap on the way out.” Just when you thought chivalry was dead, SkyGeek swoops down just in time to hold your door:

Door Steward 170-210



Door Steward™ Cessna 170 thru 210 Cabin Doors Installation Kit






Door Steward 177



 Door Steward™  Cessna 177 Cabin Doors Installation Kit




Door Steward 206-207




 Door Steward™ Cessna 206 & 207 Forward Utility Door Kit





Door Steward 33-95



 Door Steward™ Beechcraft 33 thru 95 Cabin Door Installation Kit




And for the times when you’ve had a little too much chivalry (the little voice in the women’s heads just said “not possible”) and need a replacement, SkyGeek offers the Door Steward™ replacement gas spring.

Door Steward Replacement Gas  Spring

Door Steward Replacement Gas Spring

Door Steward Replacement Cessna 177 Gas Spring





Plane Sights™

I think I’m getting inspired to be chivalrous! No wait, just light-headed from staring at the computer screen. Either way, we want to be your Geeks in shining airplanes, and protect you along the way, too!

When it’s time for takeoff, a few birdies on the ramp might be toast, but YOUR Bird will be safe and secure (more than I can say for what ended up on my Thanksgiving plate). Pick up a Static Wick or Pitot Tube Cover from Plane Sights™


Unless you spawned from the gene pool of Wile E. Coyote, you can’t stand still and free float in the air until you look down. That means you’ll want to take care of your plane while it’s on the ground so that you’ll stay safely in the air.

Fuel Bladder ScreensWe know that few things are worse than a full bladder in the air (hey, things shake around when you’re doing death-defying stunts, Right Ace?). That is of course unless it’s full fuel bladder! If you’ve got a Cessna 182, 180, or 185 that needs some fuel work, Replace the 600+ Fuel Strainers with something that works.


Bycan Red Baron Avionics


Speaking of full bladders (yeah, I’m just going to roll with the punches until I’m off the topic), it’s almost that time of year when you make the extra effort to “go” before you get into those bulky winter clothing layers (phew, it’s over).

On those Gray Snowy Days where you sit in your plane and play with the radios, SkyGeek wants to cozy on up next to you. Well, maybe not, but we do want you to have our newly-added Ramp Auxiliary Power Units to keep you from running your battery to D.O.A.

Of course, you need batteries first. If your battery is totally shot, we’ll be your Santa. Unlike the popular 80’s movie, “batteries ARE included” at SkyGeek.

With SkyGeek’s chivalrous nature, Romeo is getting a run for his money…but that’s what he gets for wearing tights. At least tights are aerodynamic, right? No wind resistance. Yeah. Anyway, his balcony climbing looks like child’s play (and it was!) next to the sky climbing you’ll be doing with the latest and greatest from SkyGeek.

Oops! Somebody Dropped the Ball.

It looks like someone at Global Oil Cartel Networks R’Us dropped the ball.

Oil prices have dropped considerably at the pump and I can’t help but think somebody forgot to teach the new guy about price gauging.

But hey, who’s complaining?

Not only are you saving at the pump, now you can save on oils across the board.

SkyGeek, in turn, is offering reduced prices on all oils. Our Piston Oils are such a deal you might feel like you’re ripping us off. You’ll feel bad about it for about 3/10ths of a second, and then you’ll probably feel so happy with what you got away with you may get very over protective about your new item (isn’t cognitive dissonance great?).  

I’m picturing something like how when a dog steals a bone from the butcher and immediately returns home to bury it in the back yard. But that’s just my imagination running wild; you’ll most likely use it to keep your pistons pumping strong.

Multi Grade Piston Oil

Straight Piston Oil

Mineral Piston Oil

Anti Rust & Corrosion Prevention Oil

RejeX Soil Barrier/Anti-stain Protectant

Toy Planes and Gliders

SkyGeek is also offering another deal that will probably make you think WE dropped the ball, but we didn’t ok — we just like to see happy customers (insert sit-com “awwwww” sound bite here).
Right now if you order a Garmin 296, 396, 495, 496, 695 or 696 GPS system, we’ll give you $1.00 Overnight Shipping. (pause)
No, I’m not incompetent — that’s not a typo. $1.00 Overnight Shipping on all these Garmin GPS units. Yowza.



On a completely unrelated subject, I was watching a documentary on a Hippy Commune the other day (don’t ask) and it reminded me that we should probably mention SkyGeek “Group Buys”.

If you belong to an online forum or know a few FlyBuds, you can save some serious scratch by getting some people together for a Group Buy on items SkyGeek sells. By no means am I trying to infer that you and your buddies are on par with a Hippy Commune, I’m just trying to say that if you get some people together you can pick up some serious merchandise at drastically discounted prices (I think a foreign substance may have leaked through the TV).

Ping the Geeks at for more info.

It’s quite apparent that somewhere somebody dropped the ball. It’s now time for you to take a page from “The Book of NFL”. Pick the ball up, spike it on the tarmac, do a little dance, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Happy Thanksgiving from the SkyGeek Family to Yours!