Wings and a Beverage SkyGeek Style!

There’s nothing better right?

I’m not talking about chicken here; I’m talking about strapping yourself into your seat, grabbing some popcorn and a beverage, and watching a mind blowing aviation movie. I’m talking about pulling G’s in a military fighter plane, or diving down in a Bush Flyer to give the Alaskan tree-line a haircut.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you’re in luck. SkyGeek has a TON of aviation movies to fill your appetite (a TON, literally, all our movies combined weigh more than a ton).  With videos ranging from action packed first hand adventures, to high quality instructional videos, you can’t miss! We’ve got something for everyone. Aviation history movies for the history buff, kids movies for…well…kids, even NASA movies for all you space cadets out there (sorry about your probing, honestly. We’ll back any campaign with the goal of commissioning the Mars Rover to track down the culprits).

Sadly, within the vast collection, we don’t have Gone With the Wind. We do however have these “instant classics” that conveniently fit into Yee Olde stocking.

Big Rocks Long Props 1Big Rocks Long Props Volume 1


The Great Circle Air Safari DVDThe Great Circle Air Safari DVD

60 Degrees North at 500 Feet DVD60 Degrees North at 500 Feet DVD

If you have a little pilot in training, be sure to pick up a couple of phone books. Also be sure to check out our best selling kid’s movie and a few toy planes to help them burn off the post movie excitement (a couple bucks could save an heirloom).

 Andy’s Airplanes: Andy Meets the Blue Angels

 Toy Planes and Gliders

All this talk about movies is making the bottom of my shoes sticky, and I think I just inadvertently turned off my cell phone and shooshed the cat. The next time you’re in the mood to watch a high flying aviation movie, make sure you don’t have to settle for watching Top Gun for the 258th time. There’s more out there!

Bottom line, if you’re looking for Ace aviation movie, SkyGeek has one fueled up and ready to go. We’ll provide the wings, but it’s Bring Your Own Beverage.