Who’s Going to Save Your Bacon?


SkyGeek will! 


With the help of a Crashkit survival kit.


 Unless you’re the inspiration behind the movie Rambo, odds are you’re going to want a survival kit handy incase of an emergency.

 These Crashkits are filled with all the basics to help you survive.  From flares to flashlights, water purifiers to high-calorie food bars. There’s even a handy manual that will guide your instincts.


If you find your bacon a little fried, these kits may mean the difference between a BLT and a grease fire. All the Geeks here prefer that you remain on the “life” side of an emergency situation, that’s why we thought it’s about time we send out the reminder.

What comes in the box depends on which box you choose, but each one will go a long way toward keeping you upright. Here’s a look at some of our kits:

Alpha Personal Flight Survival Kit

Bravo Personal Flight Survival Kit

Charlie Personal Flight Survival Kit

General Aircraft Survival Kit

Helicopter Survival Kit


Sorry, no Wilson volleyball included. He didn’t fit. You’ll have to talk to a coconut, instead.

If you often fly with a partner, and you don’t want to resort to cannibalism, take a look at some of the multi-person kits (side note: I always thought if it was named Mannibalism it would sound a lot more terrifying, Cannibalism kind of just sounds like you’re eating a thing of Tomato Soup).

These can help your group of two, four, or six people survive for a full seven days:

·        2 Person, 7 Day Survival Kit

·        4 Person, 7 Day Survival Kit

·        6 Person, 7 Day Survival Kit


In all seriousness, these are a must-have for all pilots, campers, sailors, and anyone else at risk of finding themselves stranded. They will help you survive and signal to others where you are so people can find you. With the holiday season fast-approaching, these make excellent gifts for adventurous loved-ones. So you say you or your adventurous friend already has a survival kit? Compare its contents to those in these survival kits and see the difference. These Crashkits were developed to counteract the many other inadequate and far-from-functional kits on the market. Make it count. However, if you’re sure you can at least augment your current kit with some other Geeky survival items.

Rescue Laser Light

Laser LightSafer than flares, further-reaching than flashlights, this laser light can reach up to 20 miles in the dark, signaling to nearby parties that you’re there. Rugged and waterproof, this light is non-flammable and non-hazardous, and has a life of more than five hours. The Geeks highly recommend this for your emergency stash. To answer a commonly asked question, no they do not signal Batman. Who’s going to save your bacon? Invest in a Crashkit survival kit and save your own!