Project Pumpkin is here!

The Chief Geek has sold the SkyGeek Bush Scooter over the summer and in true October Spirit the Stinky Pumpkin has arrived.
It came with 43 Years / 9900 Hours of wear and tear plus an odd odor that led to the planes name. The odor was later credited to 4 mice (R.I.P.) that decided to shack up in the headliner and drink the purple Kool Aid last winter.
The idea is to go through this oldie but goody and install some modern day conveniences sold by SkyGeek and show you, our customers, every detail possible of their installation on N2758X Project Pumpkin.
Here is a preliminary list of items that can be found on SkyGeek that have been installed thus far:

•    Ameri-King AK-451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
•    McFarlane Baffle Seals , Trim & Rudder Cables, Seat Rails, Seat Roller Kits
•    Rosen Sun Visors
•    Commant Antennas  
•    ICOM IC-A210 VHF Air Band Transceiver       
•    Garmin  GMA-340, GNS-430W & a Garmin GPS 496

If you have questions about the project or are a Vendor who wants to see your product showcased on this project and eventually for sale on SkyGeek, drop us a note

As you can see from the pictures this project will not happen overnight and all C180 past experiences are greatly appreciated!

A big friendly shout out to these Service Providers thus far on SkyGeek Project Pumpkin:

 • Cawley’s Aviation: When SkyGeek bought the "Stinky Pumpkin" it was only 60% there missing its tail group awaiting new material to make the trim work. The Chief Geek’s wife said what the heck did you buy! Within 7-10 days the guys at Cawley’s had the plane back to airworthy status and the trim has never worked so good. Big Thanks to Tom & Bill, if you are on the East Coast these guys know C180’s & C185’s!

Airtex Interiors: Don and his team took the "Pumpkin’s" two front seats that looked like they were removed from the "Van down by the river" and with their interior wand transformed them into two shining masterpieces. Yes you have to pay extra for Don to put on his full Sorcerer garb but man it is 100% worth it!

Precision Avionics: (email: Ken from Precision Avionics at Dutchess County Airport has been a loyal SkyGeek customer for years and it was great being able to give them business back. The Stinky Pumpkin had an eclectic mixture of Avionic additions from the past 43 years just no removals. Currently the "Pumpkin’s" guts have been totally ripped out. The Jr. Geek and the Chief Geek have totally removed the entire interior down to zinc chromate.


Every floor panel was removed and we have attempted to remove 43 years worth of Grease, Grime, Sand & Dirt from the belly back into the tail cone. The plane was flown bare bones last Monday to Ken’s ramp where he and his crew have removed all the ancient avionic artifacts. Watch the Stinky Pumpkin Blog as I add more pictures of Ken’s team going from Spaghetti everywhere to finished product. Need some radio work or a quote on a new custom aluminum panel in the Northeast drop Ken an e-mail at the address above or call 845-462-5116.