Little John – Always There When You Need Him, Right Robin Hood?

Robin Hood may have had a secret.  Nobody will ever know.  But we here at SkyGeek aren’t going to keep the Little John a secret!  Everyone with a bladder can use the Little John – this means you and probably everyone you know! 

This genius little contraption isn’t anything new, really.  It’s just so helpful that every time we talk about it it feels like a new product because it’s so exciting.  Well, ok, maybe not EXCITING…we are talking about relieving oneself here so maybe we should be RELIEVED instead?

Take the Little John and the Lady J adapter with your family on a flight or any place you’d rather not wait in line to use the nasty [insert disease here]-infested bathroom or perhaps you are headed somewhere that just doesn’t have a bathroom like the Alaskan Bush?

Hey, anything that allows me to stay at the football game longer to watch the 4th quarter two-minutes-left-nailbiting-action in a really good game makes me a happy camper.  Can you imagine if you had been at the Patriots game last week and had to "go" NOW?  You probably would have missed some pretty good action. 

Sorry ladies, but it will be tough to use the Little John in this situation, even with the Lady J adapter, unless there has been a lot of beer drinking by the spectators sitting near you who wouldn’t mind you pulling down your NFL-team-of-choice zebra pants (anybody remember those from the early 90s?)…but your guy will tell you all about what you missed when you get back from waiting in line for the bathroom. 

And you know there won’t be a line for the men’s room.  Will you chance it?