Ever had “burn in?” Owwww! HDTV Owners Read This!

"Burn in" – this is a super-scary term for owners of BLU-RAY and other HDTV’s. This means that whatever image you were watching last gets imbedded in your new 70" screen and there just isn’t anything you can do about it!

Luckily there are inventive people out there who have realized the need for a TV screensaver. Introducing the useful and truly beautiful (you can really show off your TV’s color and depth capabilities with this screensaver) – Aeroscapes Volume I HDTV screensaver.

Why not give it a try? Your TV will actually last longer if it’s left on (in case the sales person didn’t tell you that when you bought it)…so we at SkyGeek think that everyone should get one of these because it’s a really nice screensaver and it just might help keep your investment, oops, we mean "new baby," safe and sound!