Super Cubs Gone Wild DVD

Idaho Bush Co. Productions has released its first full length DVD!

"Super Cubs Gone Wild" features Idaho backcountry & Oregon canyon flying at its best…low, slow, short and rugged!

Get the adrenaline pumping sitting in your La-Z-Boy while you watch Joe Dory and friends doing what Cubs were made for…Having Fun!


  • Featuring Smith Cubs and music by Equaleyes
  • Filmed, edited and produced by Idaho Bush Co. Productions – all rights reserved
  • Features: tundra tires, floats, hydroplaning and more!
  • No liner notes – packaged as just the DVD by itself in its protective case

    This is a great movie to unwind with after a hard day at the office.

    Just need to sit and stare without all the trouble of driving to the airport, paying for fuel, and all the other rigamarole of flying?

    Super Cubs Gone Wild will take you through breathtaking wilderness and the upbeat soundtrack really fits the energy of the movie. You will get the feeling that you just got together with a bunch of your Super Cub buddies and went out for a group trip flying for the sheer joy of it.

    There are some subtitles which do help to explain what is going on, but most of the movie is self explanatory – pilots just having fun!!!

    The visual landscape and interesting angles captured in the filming of this movie make it really fun to watch.

    With the catchy toe-tapping music and really "cool" planes you might even catch the kids putting it in instead of watching "The Incredibles" for the thousandth time! Based on that, SkyGeek can confidently say that this DVD just might save your marriage!

    For the Super Cub enthusiast in your life this will truly be the next best thing to actually flying, we promise!

  • Little John – Always There When You Need Him, Right Robin Hood?

    Robin Hood may have had a secret.  Nobody will ever know.  But we here at SkyGeek aren’t going to keep the Little John a secret!  Everyone with a bladder can use the Little John – this means you and probably everyone you know! 

    This genius little contraption isn’t anything new, really.  It’s just so helpful that every time we talk about it it feels like a new product because it’s so exciting.  Well, ok, maybe not EXCITING…we are talking about relieving oneself here so maybe we should be RELIEVED instead?

    Take the Little John and the Lady J adapter with your family on a flight or any place you’d rather not wait in line to use the nasty [insert disease here]-infested bathroom or perhaps you are headed somewhere that just doesn’t have a bathroom like the Alaskan Bush?

    Hey, anything that allows me to stay at the football game longer to watch the 4th quarter two-minutes-left-nailbiting-action in a really good game makes me a happy camper.  Can you imagine if you had been at the Patriots game last week and had to "go" NOW?  You probably would have missed some pretty good action. 

    Sorry ladies, but it will be tough to use the Little John in this situation, even with the Lady J adapter, unless there has been a lot of beer drinking by the spectators sitting near you who wouldn’t mind you pulling down your NFL-team-of-choice zebra pants (anybody remember those from the early 90s?)…but your guy will tell you all about what you missed when you get back from waiting in line for the bathroom. 

    And you know there won’t be a line for the men’s room.  Will you chance it?

    Ever had “burn in?” Owwww! HDTV Owners Read This!

    "Burn in" – this is a super-scary term for owners of BLU-RAY and other HDTV’s. This means that whatever image you were watching last gets imbedded in your new 70" screen and there just isn’t anything you can do about it!

    Luckily there are inventive people out there who have realized the need for a TV screensaver. Introducing the useful and truly beautiful (you can really show off your TV’s color and depth capabilities with this screensaver) – Aeroscapes Volume I HDTV screensaver.

    Why not give it a try? Your TV will actually last longer if it’s left on (in case the sales person didn’t tell you that when you bought it)…so we at SkyGeek think that everyone should get one of these because it’s a really nice screensaver and it just might help keep your investment, oops, we mean "new baby," safe and sound!