Lifestyles of the Super Rich

Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine, has published a new report: 2006 Holiday Spending Survey, along with 2006 The New Jet Set: A Psychographic Analysis of Luxury Spending.

The New Jet Set report is fascinating. It delineates the three categories of the super rich:

  1. Trendsetters: those who are in tune with trends and are early supporters of change. They can be highly influential with their peers.
  2. Winners: those who reward achievements or occasions with purchases.
  3. Connoisseurs: those who appreciate the finer things in life, and buy accordingly.

Elite Traveler also recounts in Nearly One in Four ‘Super Rich’ Will Shop by Private Jet This Holiday Season that 2006 spending by the super rich will be in 14 key categories, ranging from spas and spirits to corporate gifts and charitable donations.

In related news, the Pensacola News Journal reports in Flying in Style that there are a growing number of business professionals who recently have made the expensive leap from smaller prop planes to the rarefied realm of business jets. One person interviewed said, "From a business standpoint, it’s very important to demonstrate you can hang in there with the big boys. You have to show your clients you have the staying power, and having a jet is part of that."

Finally, for a refreshing look at how the other half lives, check out this profile of Jimmy Carter in The New Yorker Magazine.