Two New Trends in Private Flying

VIP_JETS_WAYNES_PLANE_11-26-2006_MB8FPJN.jpgPrivate flying continues to draw interest as commercial travel becomes less convenient. Here are two new solutions for busness air travelers.

  1. Buy your own full-bodied jet. It used to be that wealthy jet setters used smaller, streamlined private jets. But new wealth-makers are becoming entranced with commercial sized jets that seat fewer people more luxuriously (see picture to the right).
  2. Charter an air-taxi that will actually wait for you at the airport. New companies like JetBird are springing up that guarantee you’ll get where you need to go even if you’re held up in traffic.

So kick your feet up — air travel continues to get better and better!

Next Generation of Flyers Go to Aviation Camp

Sign us up!

Florida’s The Villages Daily Sun reports on a local weekend aviation camp for 4th and 5th graders. The camp, known as "Camp Wings," is free, annual and nonprofit, and is run by Chris Hoefly, who has been a pilot for 26 years.

In setting up Camp Wings, Hoefly wanted to share his love of flying and show children what it’s all about. During the weekend, the children learn about aviation through tours of airplanes, classes with pilots, aircraft demonstrations and computer simulators. One of the highlights of the camp is a three-leg, cross-country trip the students take in various aircraft on Sunday. The children also learned about aerodynamics and flying by working with and flying model airplanes.

And, the kids love it!  

96-Years-Young Aviation Pioneer Anderson

If you want to know the history of aviation, talk to one who’s been through it, step by step.

Dennis McCarthy’s Aviation pioneer, 96, was born ready to fly tells the story of Dale "Andy" Anderson, who earned his flight school admission by driving his friens back and forth from college.

He flew bombing missions over Germany and France in WWII, including his fair share of brushes with death. He rose to the rank of colonel after 25 years in the Air Force. 

Later in life, he partnered with an old flying pal, Percy Spencer, to design a four-passenger amphibian aircraft.

It just goes to show you, once you’ve got that itch to fly, nothing can stop you. Read more about Anderson at the link.

Kit Planes

xairtractor.jpgKit planes have a lot of fans out there. Here are some great resources to find out more about these homebuilt aircraft and experimental planes.

Kit Plane Buying from Ultralight News lists available kit planes, offers instruction on building, along with flight lessons. They’ll even maintain or store your plane for you. offers an annual directory, a monthly magazine, and an e-library for subscribers. A helpful buyers’ guide for avionics is also available.

The Homebuilt Homepage features kits and plans, a vendor listing, clubs and classified ads.

The Official Guide to Experimental Aircraft is an online aviation guide to experimental aircraft, homebuilt kits and plans with aircraft models categorized by groups such as conventional airplanes, warbird replica, light planes, ultralights, sailplanes, and amphibious aircraft.

Aviation in Politics

Yesterday’s election is poised to effect almost everything, including aviation. Check out these headlines.

From Aero-News.Net, two election-related stories:

A broo-haha is developing regarding Bush officials traveling in private jets:  

In related news and in response to the recent crash involving Corey Lidle, The Christian Science Monitor asks the question: Should aviation guidelines be revised?