Test Passengers Needed

A new way of crash landing passenger planes is being patented by Bangkok inventor, Polchai Phanumphai. Instead of pilots trying to belly-flop a dead stick into a clear field, Phanumphai suggests a controlled spin. An altimeter will discharge an explosion that will remove one wing from the plane, sending the plane, its passengers and pilots into a spin. According to the inventor, the lift created by the spin should be enough to bring the plane down gently.

The question of whether the spin and explosions are safe remain unanswered. What happens to the falling debris? Will passengers survive the uncontrollable spin? The biggest question of whether or not a Spinning Touchdown will actually save lives needs to be answered before this type of crash landing is tested. No mention was made in the report as to whether this type of centrifugal force could be used on light aircraft. And nowhere is it mentioned whether test pilots are willing to give it a whirl.